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The following In Press articles will be published in a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Physical Activity & Health. Each article appears here in its accepted, peer-reviewed form, as submitted by the authors. These articles have not been copy edited, proofed, or formatted by the publisher.


Each article on this page lists only the lead author. To see the full author list for the article, please read the article abstract.

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An Evaluation of a College Exercise Leader Program: Using Exercise Science Students as Advocates for Behavior Modification

Shelley Nicole Armstrong


Academic Performance of Young Competitive Swimmers is Associated With Physical Activity Intensity and Its Predominant Metabolic Pathway: A Pilot Study

Carlos Ayan


Middle-Aged Women’s Preferred Theory-Based Features in Mobile Physical Activity Applications

Diane K. Ehlers


Postural Characterization of Adolescent Federation Basketball Players

Patricia Ferreira Guedes


Barriers and Enablers to Physical Activity Among older Australians Who Want to Increase Their Physical Activity Levels

Rona Macniven


Community Development Corporations Could Potentially Improve Research on Causal Associations Between Environmental Features and Physical Activity

Richard R. Suminski


Exercise, Energy Expenditure and Body Composition in People With Spinal Cord Injury

Ricardo A. Tanhoffer


Strength Training in Community Settings: Impact of Lay Leaders on Program Access and Sustainability for Rural Older Adults

Lisa T. Washburn


Moderate Physical Activity of Music Aerobic Exercise Increases Lymphocyte Counts, Specific Subsets and Differentiation

Shu-hui Yeh


Dietary Habits and Weight Maintenance Success in High Versus Low Exercisers in the National Weight Control Registry

Victoria Catenacci


Impact of Social-Ecologic Intervention on Physical Activity Knowledge and Behaviors of Rural Students

Cevdet Cengiz


Pedometer Assessed Physical Activity in Urban Pubertal Children: First Report From India

Aashish Contractor


Vancouver and the 2010 Olympic Games: Physical Activity for All?

Inge Derom


Physical Activity Promotion in Primary Health Care in Brazil: A Counseling Model Applied to Community Health Workers

Alex A. Florindo


Body Mass Index and its Correlates in 1,212 Ultramarathon Runners: Baseline Findings from the ULTRA Study

Martin D. Hoffman


The Role of Landscape Spatial Patterns on Obesity in Hispanic Children Residing in Inner-City Neighborhoods

Jun-Hyun Kim


Open Streets Initiatives in the U.S.: Closed to Traffic, Open to Physical Activity

Jill A. Kuhlberg


Health Characteristics and Sedentary Behavior Impact on Prostate Specific Antigen Levels in a National U.S. Sample

Paul D. Loprinzi


Commuting to School and to Work Among High School Students in Santa Catarina State, Brazil: A Comparative Analysis Between 2001 and 2011

Kelly Samara Silva


Associations of Leisure-Time, Commuting and Occupational Physical Activity With Physical Fitness and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Young Men

Jani P. Vaara


Effects Of Need-Supportive Physical Activity Counseling on Well-Being: A Two-Year Follow-Up Among Sedentary Older Adults

Ann-Sophie Van Hoecke


Physical Activity and Aerobic Fitness are Positively Associated With Heart Rate Variability in Obese Adults

Kaisu Marjut Kaikkonen


Changes in Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior During the Transition From Elementary to Secondary School

Cindy Rutten


Physical Activity in Afterschool Programs: Comparison to Physical Activity Policies

Michael W. Beets


Exposure Analysis Methods Impact Associations Between Maternal Physical Activity and Cesarean Delivery

Marit L. Bovbjerg


Home-Based Exercise May Not Decrease the Insulin Resistance in Individuals With Metabolic Syndrome

Chiao-Nan (Joyce) Chen


Physical Activity and Relaxation During and After Work are Independently Associated With Need for Recovery

Jennifer K. Coffeng

Sedentary Time in U.S. Older Adults Associated With Disability in Activities of Daily Living Independent of Physical Activity

Sedentary Time in U.S. Older Adults Associated With Disability in Activities of Daily Living Independent of Physical Activity

Dorothy Dunlop


Young Children’s After-School Activities – There’s More to it Than Screen Time: A Cross-Sectional Study of Young Primary School Children

Lina Engelen


High Levels of Physical Activity and Cardiorespiratory Fitness are Associated With Good Self-Rated Health in Adolescents

Marko T. Kantomaa


Correlation Between Glycemic Control and Physical Activity Level in Type 1 Diabetes Adolescents and Children

Cristiane P. Miculis


Effect of a 10-Year Physical Activity Intervention in Primary Health Care Settings on Physical Fitness

Priscila M. Nakamura


Barriers to Delivering Extra-Curricular School Sport and Physical Activity in Wales: A Qualitative Study of 5x60 Officers’ Views and Perspectives

Paul Rainer


How do Different Occupational Factors Influence Total, Occupational and Leisure-Time Physical Activity?

Corneel Vandelanotte


Validity of the SenseWear Armband™ to Assess Energy Expenditure in Graded Walking

Gianluca Vernillo


Scheduled Physical Activity is Associated With Better Academic Performance in Chilean School-Age Children   

Raquel Burrows


Does Bus Rapid Transit Promote Walking? An Examination of New York City’s Select Bus Service

Kristen Day


Sedentary Behaviors, Leisure-Time Physical Inactivity, and Chronic Diseases in Brazilian Workers: A Cross Sectional Study

Leandro Martin Totaro Garcia


Independent Mobility and its Relationship With Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity in Middle School Portuguese Boys and Girls

Elisa A. Marques

The Environment Can Explain Differences in Adolescents’ Daily Physical Activity Levels Living in a Deprived Urban Area: Cross-Sectional Study Using Accelerometry, GPS and Focus Groups

The Environment Can Explain Differences in Adolescents’ Daily Physical Activity Levels Living in a Deprived Urban Area: Cross-Sectional Study Using Accelerometry, GPS and Focus Groups

Helen Joy Moore


Self-Efficacy, Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior in Adolescent Girls: Testing Mediating Effects of the Perceived School and Home Environment

Ronald C. Plotnikoff


Physical Activity: Does Environment Make a Difference for Tension, Stress, Emotional Outlook, and Perceptions of Health Status?

Robin C. Puett


Self-Efficacy, Action Control, and Social Support Explain Physical Activity Changes Among Costa Rican Older Adults

Benjamin Reyes Fernández


Body Mass Index is Associated With Appropriateness of Weight Gain But Not Leisure-Time Physical Activity During Pregnancy

Rebecca Ann Schlaff


Odds of Getting Adequate Physical Activity by Dog Walking

Jesus Soares


Associations of Activity Monitor Output and an Estimate of Aerobic Fitness With Pulse Wave Velocities: The Nakanojo Study

Makoto Ayabe


Happy Trails: The Effect of a Media Campaign on Urban Trail Use in Southern Nevada

Sheila Clark


Who are the Users of Urban Parks? A Study With Adults From Curitiba, Brazil

Rogerio Fermino


Does Physical Exercise Help Maintain Mental Health During Pregnancy? A Comparison of Changes in Mental Health in Participants of Physical Exercise Classes and Childbirth Classes

Monika Guszkowska


Estimating Physical Activity in Children: Impact of Pedometer Wear Time and Metric

Kelly Rian Laurson


Relationship Between Metabolic Syndrome and Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity in Youth

Aristides M. Machado-Rodrigues


Validity and Reliability Question Eight of the Paffenbarger Physical Activity Questionnaire Among Healthy Adults

Kathleen Simpson


The Relationship Between Physical Activity and Aging Symptoms Among Community-Dwelling Men Aged 40–70 Years in Shanghai, China

Bo Wang


Prevalence of Physically Active and Sedentary Adolescents in Ten Eastern Mediterranean Countries and its Relation with Age, Gender and BMI

Lyutha K. Al Subhi


Physical Activity and Weather-Related Practices of Child Care Centers From Two States

Sarah C. Ball


Reproducibility of the Veterans Physical Activity Questionnaire in an Elderly Population

Heather Hayes Betz


Active Transportation to and on Campus is Associated With Objectively Measured Fitness Outcomes Among College Students

Melissa Bopp


Tracking the Commute Home From School Utilising GPS and Heart Rate Monitoring: Establishing the Contribution to Free-Living Physical Activity

Peter Collins


Physical Activity Counseling by Primary Care Physicians: Attitudes, Knowledge, Implementation, and Perceived Success

Katharina Diehl


The Association Between Time Spent in Vigorous Physical Activity and Dietary Patterns in Adolescents: Cross-Sectional Study

Anita Durksen


TV Watching, But Not Physical Activity, is Associated With Change in Kidney Function in Older Adults

Marquis Hawkins


Childhood Adversities and Socioeconomic Position as Predictors of Leisure-Time Physical Inactivity in Early Adulthood

Laura Kestila


Do the Students Know the Physical Activity Recommendations for Health Promotion?

Adilson Marques


Effect of Physical Inactivity on Major Non-Communicable Diseases and Life Expectancy in Brazil

Leandro Fornias Machado de Rezende


Effects of Leisure-Time and Occupational Physical Activity on Total Mortality Risk in NHANES III According to Sex, Ethnicity, Central Obesity and Age

Aline Richard


Which School- and Home-Based Factors in Elementary School Predict Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior in Secondary School? A Prospective Cohort Study

Cindy Rutten


Intensity-Specific Leisure Time Physical Activity and the Built Environment Among Brazilian Adults: A Best-Fit Model

Deborah Salvo


Validation of the Fitbit Wireless Activity Tracker® for Prediction of Energy Expenditure

Jeffer Eidi Sasaki


Improvements on Cardiovascular Diseases Risk Factors in Obese Adolescents: A Randomized Exercise Intervention Study

Humberto Jose Gomes Silva


The Quality of School Physical Activity Policies Within Maryland and Virginia

Erin M. Smith


Parental Practices Encouraging and Discouraging Physical Activity in Hong Kong Chinese Preschoolers

Yi-nam Suen


Playground Safety is Associated With Playground, Park, and Neighborhood Characteristics

Richard R. Suminski


Perceived Neighborhood Size: Implications for Physical Activity-Environment Research

Richard R. Suminski


Energy Expenditure in Individuals With Spinal Cord Injury Quantified by Doubly-Labelled Water and a Multi-Sensor Armband

Ricardo A. Tanhoffer


“How Hard Could it Be?” A Descriptive Analysis of Errors Made on a Validated Lifetime Physical Activity Questionnaire

Natalie Anderton


Three Year Follow-Up of an Early Childhood Intervention: What About Physical Activity and Weight Status?

Lisa M. Barnett


A Systematic Review of Interventions Aiming to Improve Involvement in Physical Activity Among Adults With Intellectual Disability

Katie Brooker


Exercise and Food Compensation: Exploring Diet-Related Beliefs and Behaviors of Regular Exercisers

Simone Dohle


Does Building a Greenway Promote Physical Activity Among Proximate Residents?

Stephanie T. West


Understanding Patterns of Young Children’s Physical Activity After School – It’s all About Context: A Cross-Sectional Study

Lina Engelen


Advancing Health-Related Cluster Analysis Methodology: Quantification of Pairwise Activity Cluster Similarities

Katia Ferrar


A Comparison of Children’s Physical Activity Levels in Physical Education, Recess and Exergaming

Zan Gao


Inter-Instrument Reliability of the Actigraph GT3X+ Ambulatory Activity Monitor During Free-Living Conditions in Adults

Haydn Jarrett


Energy Expenditure in Adolescents with Cerebral Palsy: Comparison of the Sensewear Armband and Indirect Calorimetry

Karsten Koehler


The Cumulative Impact of Physical Activity, Sleep Duration, and Television Time on Adolescent Obesity: 2011 Youth Risk Behavior Survey

Kelly Rian Laurson


Step Rate Recommendations for Moderate-Intensity Walking in Overweight/Obese and Healthy Weight Children

Charles F. Morgan


The Association Between Exercise Behavior Regulation and Exergaming in Adolescents

Erin K. O'Loughlin


Effect of Exercise Programmes With Aerobic Exercise Sessions of Similar Intensity but Different Frequency and Duration on Health Related Measures in Overweight Women

Dalia Malkova


Does Age Modify the Cost-Effectiveness of Community-Based Physical Activity Interventions?

Larissa Roux


Qualified Exercise and Fitness as Professionals and Exercise Prescription: Evolution of the PAR-Q and Canadian Aerobic Fitness Test

Roy J. Shephard


Relationship Between Built Environment, Physical Activity, Adiposity and Health in Adults Aged 46-80 in Shanghai, China

Ying Zhang


Implementing a Public Bicycle Share Program: Impact on Perceptions and Support for Public Policies for Active Transportation

Ariane Belanger-Gravel


The Influence of the Breast on Physical Activity Participation in Females

Emma Burnett


Physical Activity for Campus Employees: A University Worksite Wellness Program

Carling E. Butler


Waist-Worn Actigraphy: Population-Referenced Percentiles for Total Activity Counts in U.S. Adults

Dana L. Wolff


Factors That Influence Park Use and Physical Activity in Predominantly Hispanic and Low Income Neighborhoods

Karry Dolash


Combined Physical Activity/Sedentary Behaviour Associations With Indices of Adiposity in 8 to 10 Year Old Children

Katya M. Herman


The Physical Activity Energy Cost of the Latest Active Video Games in Young Adult

Cheryl A. Howe


Ten-Year Trends in Total Physical Activity Practice in Brazilian Adults: 2002-2012

Pedro C. Hallal


Impact of Park Renovations on Park Use and Park-Based Physical Activity

Deborah A. Cohen

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