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Physical Activity Surveillance and Assessment



Physical Activity Surveillance: Providing Public Health Data for Decision Makers

S1 – S2
Deborah A. Galuska,


Staying on Task: Challenges of Global Physical Activity Surveillance

S3 – S4
Michael Pratt, Janet Fulton


Progress and Pitfalls in the Use of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ) for Adult Physical Activity Surveillance

S5 – S8
Adrian E. Bauman, Barbara E. Ainsworth, Fiona C. Bull, Cora L. Craig, Maria Hagströmer, James F. Sallis, Michael Pratt, Michael Pratt

Original Research


Prevalence of Self-Reported Aerobic Physical Activity Among U.S. States and Territories—Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2007

S9 – S17
Fleetwood Loustalot, Susan A. Carlson, Janet Fulton, Judy Kruger, Deborah A. Galuska, Felipe Lobelo


Differences in Physical Activity Prevalence and Trends From 3 U.S. Surveillance Systems: NHIS, NHANES, and BRFSS

S18 – S27
Susan A. Carlson, Dianna Densmore, Janet Fulton, Michelle M. Yore, Harold W. Kohl


Television Viewing, Computer Use, and BMI Among U.S. Children and Adolescents

S28 – S35
Janet Fulton, Xuewen Wang, Michelle M. Yore, Susan A. Carlson, Deborah A. Galuska, Carl J. Caspersen


Healthy People 2010 Objectives for Physical Activity, Physical Education, and Television Viewing Among Adolescents: National Trends From the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System, 1999–2007

S36 – S45
Richard Lowry, Sarah M. Lee, Laura Kann,


Test-Retest Repeatability and Relative Validity of the Global Physical Activity Questionnaire in a Developing Country Context

S46 – S53
Oanh T.H. Trinh, Nguyen Do Nguyen, Hidde P. van der Ploeg, Michael J. Dibley,


Psychometric Properties of the IPAQ: A Validation Study in a Sample of Northern Franco-Ontarians

S54 – S60
Alain P. Gauthier, Michel Lariviere, Nancy Young,


The Work and Home Activities Questionnaire: Energy Expenditure Estimates and Association With Percent Body Fat

S61 – S69
Gladys Block, Christopher D. Jensen, Torin J. Block, Jean Norris, Tapashi B. Dalvi, Ellen B. Fung,


Objective Measures of the Environment and Physical Activity—Results of the Environment and Physical Activity Study in English Adults

S70 – S80
Charlie Foster, Melvyn Hillsdon, Andy Jones, Chris Grundy, Paul Wilkinson, Martin White, Bart Sheehan, Nick Wareham, Margaret Thorogood,


Measuring Walking for Physical Activity Surveillance—The Effect of Prompts and Respondents’ Interpretation of Walking in a Leisure Time Survey

S81 – S88
Dafna Merom, Heather R. Bowles,


Observing Children’s Playground Activity Levels at 13 Illawarra Primary Schools Using CAST2

S89 – S96
Anne-Maree Parrish, Don Iverson, Ken Russell, Heather Yeatman,


Physical Activity in the Park Setting (PA-PS) Questionnaire: Reliability in a California Statewide Sample

S97 – S104
Joseph T. Walker, Andrew J. Mowen, William Hendricks, Judy Kruger, James R. Morrow, Jr., James R. Morrow, Jr., Kelly Bricker,


Measuring Physical Activity Self-Regulation Strategies in Older Adults

S105 – S112
M. Renée Umstattd, Robert W. Motl, Sara Wilcox, Ruth P. Saunders, Melissa Watford,


Validation of the Neighborhood Environment Walkability Scale (NEWS) Items Using Geographic Information Systems

2009, 6, S113 – S123
Marc A. Adams, Sherry Ryan, Jacqueline Kerr, James F. Sallis, Kevin Patrick, Lawrence D. Frank, Gregory J. Norman,


Validation of the Jackson Heart Study Physical Activity Survey in African Americans

S124 – S132
Todd A. Smitherman, Patricia M. Dubbert, Karen B. Grothe, Jung Hye Sung, Darla E. Kendzor, Jared P. Reis, Barbara E. Ainsworth, Robert L. Newton, Jr., Herman A. Taylor, Jr., Karen T. Lesniak, Herman A. Taylor, Jr., Herman A. Taylor, Jr.,


Actigraph Calibration in Obese/Overweight and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Middle-Aged to Old Adult Patients

S133 – S140
Catarina Vasques,


Comparison of Kenz Lifecorder Versus Actigraph Physical Activity Output in Free-Living Conditions

S141 – S147
Mark Abel, James Hannon, Tia Lillie, Katie Sell, David Anderson, Geri Conlin,


Compliance With Wearing Physical Activity Accelerometers in High School Students

S148 – S155
Megan E. Slater,