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Symposia Summaries

Track 1: Physical Activity & Health

S314 – S326

Objective Measurement of Physical Activity and Diet—New Technologies and Standards: The NIH Genes, Environment and Health Initiative for Technology Development

William L. Haskell


Physical Activity and Healthy Aging

Mark Hamer, Gita D. Mishra, Mark G. Davis, and Emmanuel Stamatakis


Fitness of the Nation: Findings from the Canadian Health Measures Survey

Jeanine Bustros, Mark S. Tremblay, Margot Shields, Cora Lynn Craig, and Ian Janssen

Is Too Much Sitting Really Bad for Health and What Can Be Done About It?

Wendy J. Brown, Jannique G.Z. van Uffelen, Karin I. Proper, Josephine Y. Chau, Nicola W. Burton, Nicholas Gilson, and Hidde P. van der Ploeg


Physical Activity, Emotional Self-Regulation, and Children’s Mental Health

Tracy Vaillancourt, Adele Diamond, Stuart Shanker, and Art Salmon

Objective and Subjective Measures of Physical Activity in Youth: Emerging Challenges for Analysis and Interpretation

Donna Spruijt-Metz, Richard Troiano, Mark Thornquist, John Sirard, Susan Redline, and David Berrigan

The International Children’s Accelerometry Database (ICAD): Methods and Major Findings

Chris Riddoch, Lauren Sherar, Ashley Cooper, Ulf Ekelund, and Richard Troiano