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Building Capacity in Physical Activity and Public Health

S149 – S150

As with any new and growing field of study, building capacity for research, teaching, and training remains of central importance. Capacity-building in the Physical Activity and Public Health field is perhaps even more critical, given the few formal doctoral training programs in the field and that we are a hybrid of exercise science, behavioral science, and public health science. This supplement of the Journal of PhysicalActivity and Health is intended to recognize the contributions of the Physical Activity and Public Health (PAPH) Postgraduate Course on Research Directions and Strategies in building such capacity. The 8-day course has been offered annually since 1995 and, through 2010, more than 440 fellows have participated. The course offers intense, focused training aimed at expanding the cadre of researchers to advance the scientific base in physical activity and health. The underlying assumption is that the body of knowledge on physical activity and health will develop optimally only if there are sizeable numbers of investigators who are prepared to compete successfully for funding to support research on relevant topics...

Authors: Russell R. Pate, Jennifer L. Gay, David R. Brown, Michael Pratt