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Measurement of Active and Sedentary Behaviors: Closing the Gaps in Self-Report Methods

with generous support provided by the National Cancer Institute

Guest Editor: Heather R. Bowles
Guest Managing Editor: Laurel A. Borowski

Results of Workshop Discussions


Recommendations to Improve the Accuracy of Estimates of Physical Activity Derived From Self Report

S76 – S84
Barbara E. Ainsworth, Carl J. Caspersen, Charles E. Matthews, Louise C. Mâsse, Tom Baranowski, Weimo Zhu


Reported Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior: Why Do You Ask?

S68 – S75
Richard P. Troiano, Kelley K. Pettee Gabriel, Gregory J. Welk, Neville Owen, Barbara Sternfeld

Assessment of Physical Activity Behavior


Modeling Errors in Physical Activity Recall Data

S56 – S67
Sarah M. Nusser, Nicholas K. Beyler, Gregory J. Welk, Alicia L. Carriquiry, Wayne A. Fuller, Benjamin M.N. King


Sources of Validity Evidence Needed With Self-Report Measures of Physical Activity

S44 – S55
Louise C. Mâsse, Judith E. de Niet


Cultural Adaptation of Physical Activity Self-Report Instruments

S37 – S43
Elva M. Arredondo, Tamar Mendelson, Christina Holub, Nancy Espinoza, Simon Marshall


A Checklist for Evaluating the Methodological Quality of Validation Studies on Self-Report Instruments for Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior

S29 – S36
Maria Hagströmer, Barbara E. Ainsworth, Lydia Kwak, Heather R. Bowles


A Systematic Approach to Selecting an Appropriate Measure of Self-Reported Physical Activity or Sedentary Behavior

S19 – S28
Barbara Sternfeld, Lisa Goldman-Rosas


Framework for Physical Activity as a Complex and Multidimensional Behavior

S11 – S18
Kelley K. Pettee Gabriel, James R. Morrow, Jr., Anne-Lorraine T. Woolsey

Historical Perspective


Physical Activity by Self-Report: A Brief History and Future Issues

S5 – S10
William L. Haskell



Measurement of Active and Sedentary Behaviors: Closing the Gaps in Self-Report Methods

S1 – S4
Heather R. Bowles

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