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Sport Psychology


Congruence Between Actual and Retrospective Reports of Emotions for Pre- and Postcompetition States

Efrat Elran


Feedback as a Source of Physical Competence Information: Effects of Age, Experience and Type of Feedback

Anthony J. Amorose, Peter J.K. Smith


Project on Elite Athlete Commitment (PEAK): I. Introduction and Methodology

Tara K. Scanlan, David G. Russell, Noela C. Wilson, Larry A. Scanlan


Project on Elite Athlete Commitment (PEAK): II. A Direct Test and Expansion of the Sport Commitment Model With Elite Amateur Sportsmen

Tara K. Scanlan, David G. Russell, Kristin P. Beals, Larry A. Scanlan

Exercise Psychology


Self-Handicapping in Structured and Unstructured Exercise: Toward a Measurable Construct

Christopher A. Shields, David M. Paskevich, Lawrence R. Brawley


A Meta-Analysis of Perceived Locus of Causality in Exercise, Sport, and Physical Education Contexts

Nikos L.D. Chatzisarantis, Martin S. Hagger, Stuart J.H. Biddle, Brett Smith, John C.K. Wang


Male Body Esteem and Physical Measurements: Do Leaner, or Stronger, High School Football Players Have a More Positive Body Image?

David P. MacKinnon, Linn Goldberg, JeeWon Cheong, Diane Elliot, Greg Clarke, Esther Moe

Response & Rebuttal


Give Those Men a Cigar (But No Light): A Reply to Slade, Landers, and Martin

Paul Holmes, Dave Smith, Neil E. Fowler,


Thanks Anyway, But I’m Not Smoking What You’re Smoking: A Reply to Hale, Holmes, Smith, Fowler, and Collins

Daniel M. Landers