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Sport Psychology

Publishing Productivity in Sport Psychology 1970–2000: An Exploratory Examination of the Lotka-Price Law

The current study examined whether the distribution of published research papers in the field of sport psychology followed the Lotka-Price Law of scientific productivity. All authors who had published articles in five sport psychology journals from 1970 to 2000 were considered. The impact of those authors was determined by the total number of published papers in all journals. Results provided limited support for the Lotka-Price Law; however, it appeared that the field of sport psychology was less elitist than other fields. Although these findings suggest that productivity in this field is similar to that in other fields of science, more research is needed to shed light on the role of the eminent scientist and the average researcher in the advancement of knowledge in sport psychology.

Authors: Joseph Baker, Jennifer Robertson-Wilson, Whitney A. Sedgwick

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