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Sport Psychology


Is Self-Confidence a Bias Factor in Higher-Order Catastrophe Models? An Exploratory Analysis

Tim Woodman, Stephen Carrington


Sources of Sport Confidence of Master Athletes

Rodney C. Wilson, Philip J. Sullivan, Nicholas D. Myers, Deborah L. Feltz


The Effect of Imagery Modality on Golf Putting Performance

Dave Smith, Paul Holmes


Self-Determination, Coping, and Goal Attainment in Sport

Catherine E. Amiot, Patrick Gaudreau, Céline M. Blanchard


Mental Practice, Motor Performance, and the Late CNV

Dave Smith,


Precompetition Self-Confidence: The Role of the Self

Stuart Beattie, Tim Woodman

Brief Report


The Unique Psychological Meanings of Multidimensional Fears of Failing

David E. Conroy


Factorial Validity and Invariance Testing of the Swedish Social Physique Anxiety Scale: Arguments for Gender-Specific Scales

Magnus Lindwall


The Effects of Self-Set Versus Assigned Goals on Exercisers’ Self-Efficacy for an Unfamiliar Task

Tara-Lyn Elston, Kathleen A. Martin Ginis

Exercise Psychology


The Proxy Efficacy Exercise Questionnaire: Development of an Instrument to Assess Female Exercisers’ Proxy Efficacy Beliefs in Structured Group Exercise Classes

Steven R. Bray, Nancy C. Gyurcsik, Kathleen A. Martin Ginis, S. Nicole Culos-Reed


African American Women’s Self-Determination Across the Stages of Change for Exercise

Joan B. Landry, Melinda A. Solmon


Behavioral Intentions and Action Plans Promote Physical Exercise: A Longitudinal Study With Orthopedic Rehabilitation Patients

Sonia Lippke, Jochen P. Ziegelmann, Ralf Schwarzer