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Predicting Objectively Assessed Physical Activity From the Content and Regulation of Exercise Goals: Evidence for a Mediational Model

175 – 197
Simon J. Sebire, Martyn Standage, Maarten Vansteenkiste


A RE-AIM Evaluation of Theory-Based Physical Activity Interventions

198 – 214
Iina Antikainen, Rebecca Ellis


Masculinity, Moral Atmosphere, and Moral Functioning of High School Football Players

215 – 234
Jesse A. Steinfeldt, Leslie A. Rutkowski, Ellen L. Vaughan, Matthew C. Steinfeldt


Reduced Barriers Mediated Physical Activity Maintenance Among Breast Cancer Survivors

235 – 254
Laura Q. Rogers, Stephen J. Markwell, Patricia Hopkins-Price, Sandy Vicari, Kerry S. Courneya, Karen Hoelzer, Steven Verhulst


Antecedents of Perceived Coach Autonomy Supportive and Controlling Behaviors: Coach Psychological Need Satisfaction and Well-Being

255 – 272
Juliette Stebbings, Ian M. Taylor, Christopher M. Spray


Do People Differentiate Between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Goals for Physical Activity?

273 – 288
Sarah McLachlan, Martin S. Hagger


Can Self-Esteem Protect Against the Deleterious Consequences of Self-Objectification for Mood and Body Satisfaction in Physically Active Female University Students?

289 – 307
Cecilie Th√łgersen-Ntoumani, Nikos Ntoumanis, Jennifer Cumming, Kimberley J. Bartholomew, Gemma Pearce

Research Note


The Influence of Red on Perceptions of Relative Dominance and Threat in a Competitive Context

308 – 314
Roger Feltman, Andrew J. Elliot

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The April 2011 Digest

315 – 323