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JSEP Volume 36, Issue 6, December

Original Research


The Physical Self in Motion: Within-Person Change and Associations of Change in Self-Esteem, Physical Self-Concept, and Physical Activity in Adolescent Girls

2014, 36, 551 – 563
Magnus Lindwall, Hulya Asci, Peter R.E. Crocker


Breast Cancer Survivors’ Decisions to Join a Dragon Boating Team

2014, 36, 564 – 573
Beth B. Weisenbach, Meghan H. McDonough


The Influence of the Physical Education Environment on Children’s Well-Being and Physical Activity Across the Transition From Primary to Secondary School

2014, 36, 574 – 583
Ian M. Taylor, Christopher M. Spray, Natalie Pearson


Participation in Organized Sport and Self-Esteem Across Adolescence: The Mediating Role of Perceived Sport Competence

2014, 36, 584 – 594
Stefan Wagnsson, Magnus Lindwall, Henrik Gustafsson


Fostering a Need-Supportive Teaching Style: Intervention Effects on Physical Education Teachers’ Beliefs and Teaching Behaviors

2014, 36, 595 – 609
Nathalie Aelterman, Maarten Vansteenkiste, Lynn Van den Berghe, Jotie De Meyer, Leen Haerens


Effect of Six Weeks of Sprint Interval Training on Mood and Perceived Health in Women at Risk for Metabolic Syndrome

2014, 36, 610 – 618
Eric C. Freese, Rachelle M. Acitelli, Nicholas H. Gist, Kirk J. Cureton, Ellen M. Evans, Patrick J. O’Connor


Athlete Social Support, Negative Social Interactions, and Psychological Health Across a Competitive Sport Season

2014, 36, 619 – 630
J.D. DeFreese, Alan L. Smith

Research Notes


Automatic Evaluations and Exercise Setting Preference in Frequent Exercisers

2014, 36, 631 – 636
Franziska Antoniewicz, Ralf Brand

The Digest


The Digest for December 2014

2014, 36, 637 – 641

Guest Reviewers


Guest Reviewers for JSEP

2014, 36, 642 – 643