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The Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology (JSEP) is a peer-reviewed publication designed to stimulate and communicate research theory in all areas of sport and exercise psychology. The Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology emphasizes original research reports that advance our understanding of human behavior as it relates to sport and exercise. Comprehensive reviews employing both qualitative and quantitative methods are also encouraged as well as brief reports of soundly designed research studies that are of special interest or importance. Areas of interest include research in social, clinical, developmental, and experimental psychology, as well as psychobiology and personality. Moreover, the terms sport and exercise may pertain to either the independent or dependent variables. Generally speaking, work on motor control processes, studies of sport as a social institution, or broader social issues are beyond the scope of JSEP. A wide variety of methods are acceptable for studying sport and exercise psychology topics.

In addition to original research reports and theoretical papers, JSEP publishes a digest of recent sport and exercise publications; book reviews; a commentary section with short articles on methodological advances; innovative pilot or replication research; dialogue on published articles or theoretical issues; and occasional position papers that present innovative ideas of general interest to the field, heuristic observations, or important points on controversial issues.