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Dr. Earle F. Zeigler Lecture


Internationalizing Ourselves: Realities, Opportunities, and Challenges

1 – 10
Karen Danylchuk

Economics and Finance


The Economic Benefits of Mega Events: A Myth or a Reality? A Longitudinal Study on the Olympic Games

11 – 23
Chengli Tien, Huai-Chun Lo, Hsiou-Wei Lin


Gross Domestic Sport Product: The Size of the Sport Industry in the United States

24 – 35
Michael Milano, Packianathan Chelladurai

Management and Marketing


Perceptions of Gender in Athletic Administration: Utilizing Role Congruity to Examine (Potential) Prejudice Against Women

36 – 45
Laura J. Burton, Heidi Grappendorf, Angela Henderson


The Role of Sport Fan Curiosity: A New Conceptual Approach to the Understanding of Sport Fan Behavior

2011, 25, 46 – 56
Seong-Hee Park, Daniel F. Mahony, Yu Kyoum Kim


A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Relationships Between Sport Consumers and Sport Organizations: A Relationship Quality Approach

2011, 25, 57 – 69
Yu Kyoum Kim, Galen T. Trail


For Love or Money: Developing and Validating a Motivational Scale for Fantasy Football Participation

70 – 83
Brendan Dwyer, Yongjae Kim

Off the Press


Counterfeit Amateurs: An Athlete’s Journey Through the Sixties to the Age of Academic Capitalism

84 – 85
James T. Reese


Spartak Moscow: A History of the People’s Team in the Workers’ State

86 – 87
Elizabeth A. Gregg

Sport Management Digest


Sport Management Digest

88 – 91
Jeremy S. Jordan