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Free Ride, Take It Easy: An Empirical Analysis of Adverse Incentives Caused by Revenue Sharing

373 – 390
Daniel A. Rascher, Mark S. Nagel, Matthew T. Brown, Chad D. McEvoy


More Than Motivation: Reconsidering Volunteer Management Tools

391 – 407
Stacy Warner, Brianna L. Newland, B. Christine Green


Managing Globalization: The Case of Elite Basketball Policy in the People's Republic of China

408 – 422
Tien-Chin Tan, Alan Bairner


A Bibliometric Study of Citations to Sport Management and Marketing Journals

423 – 444
David Shilbury


Divided Loyalty? An Analysis of Fantasy Football Involvement and Fan Loyalty to Individual National Football League (NFL) Teams

2011, 25, 445 – 457
Brendan Dwyer


A Structural Model of the Relationships Between Sport Website Quality, E-Satisfaction, and E-Loyalty

2011, 25, 458 – 473
Youngjin Hur, Yong Jae Ko, Joseph Valacich


Juggling Balls and Roles, Working Mother-Coaches in Youth Sport: Beyond the Dualistic Worker-Mother Identity

474 – 488
Sarah I. Leberman, Nicole M. LaVoi


The Process of Organizational Identity: What are the Roles of Social Responsiveness, Organizational Image, and Identification?

489 – 505
Melanie L. Sartore-Baldwin, Matthew Walker

Off the Press


The Olympics: A Critical Reader (book review)

506 – 507
David Legg


ESPN The Company: The Story and Lessons Behind the Most Fanatical Brand in Sports

508 – 509
Jay E. Jisha

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