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Research and Reviews Impulse Purchases of Sport Team Licensed Merchandise: What Matters?

This two-stage study investigated a proposed model of impulse buying of sport team licensed merchandise among college students (N = 464) enrolled in a large Midwestern university. The proposed model included measures of impulsivity, psychological attachment to sport, and financial situation. The proposed model was tested with structural equation modeling. The results indicated that the proposed model (RMSEA = .058; NFI = .916; CFI = .947, c2/df = 2.57), along with the partial models of impulsivity (RMESA = .062, NFI = .96, CFI = .98, c2/df = 2.78) and psychological attachment (RMSEA = .057; NFI = .98; CFI = .988, c2/df = 2.50), fit the data with a degree of reasonable fit. This study illustrates how personal, psychosocial, and situational factors might interact to influence impulse buying of sport team licensed merchandise.

Authors: Harry H. Kwon, Ketra L. Armstrong

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