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The following In Press articles will be published in a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Sport Management. Each article appears here in its accepted, peer-reviewed form, as submitted by the authors. These articles have not been copy edited, proofed, or formatted by the publisher.

For in press articles listed on this page, only the first-listed author name is given. To see the full author list for an article, click on the title.



Sport-for-Development: An Integrated Literature Review

Nico Schulenkorf


Managing Mass Sport Participation: Adding a Personal Performance Perspective to Remodel Antecedents and Consequences of Participant Sport Event Satisfaction

James Du


Athletes’ Transgressions and Sponsor Evaluations: A Focus on Consumers’ Moral Reasoning Strategies

Joon Sung Lee


The Effect of Sport Video Gaming on Sport Brand Attitude, Attitude Strength, and the Attitude-Behavior Relationship

Yongjae Kim


Exploring Fan Behavior: Developing a Scale to Measure Sport eFANgelism

Brendan Dwyer


Major League Baseball and Twitter Usage: The Economics of Social Media Use

Nicholas M. Watanabe


Social Media Scholarship in Sport Management Research: A Critical Review

Gashaw Abeza


Victims or Beneficiaries? Wage Premia and National Origin in the National Hockey League

Peter von Allmen


Forty Years of Leadership Research in Sport Management: A Review, Synthesis, and Conceptual Framework

Jon Welty Peachey


The Evolution of Active Sport Event Travel Careers

Richard J. Buning


Signaling Status Through Stadiums: The Discourses of Comparison Within a Hierarchy

Daniel S. Mason


Athlete Endorsement, Attitudes, and Purchase Intention: The Interaction Effect Between Athlete Endorser-product Congruence and Endorser Credibility

Younghan Lee


The Coach-Educator: NCAA Division I Coach Perspectives about an Integrated University Organizational Structure

Erianne A. Weight


Collaborative Self-Ethnography: Navigating Self-Reflexivity in a Sport Management Context

Shannon Kerwin


The Impact of Leadership Changes on Expectations of Organizational Performance

Brian P. Soebbing


Fandom in the Workplace: Multi-Target Identification in Professional Team Sports

Steve Swanson


Using Identity Work Theory to Understand the De-escalation of Fandom: A Study of Former Fans of National Hockey League Teams

Craig Hyatt


Creating and Sustaining Workplace Cultures Supportive of LGBT Employees in College Athletics

George B. Cunningham


Attendance Effects of FBS Transition and Membership

Brian Goff


Factors Influencing Sponsorship Effectiveness: A Meta-Analytic Review and Research Synthesis

Yukyoum Kim


Exploring the Utility of Collaborative Governance in a National Sport Organization

David Shilbury


The Development of a Framework to Capture Perceptions of Sport Organizations Legitimacy

Daniel Lock


Distance Running Events and Life Satisfaction: A Longitudinal Study

Mikihiro Sato

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