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Original Research Reports


The Effects of Ice Massage on Maximum Isokinetic-Torque Production

2004, 13, 1 – 8
Jeffrey A. Borgmeyer, Bradley A. Scott, Jerry L. Mayhew


Shoulder-Rotator Strength of High School Swimmers Over the Course of a Competitive Season

2004, 13, 9 – 18
Martin Ramsi, Kathleen A. Swanik, Charles B. Swanik, Stephen J. Straub, Carl G. Mattacola


Short-Term Effects of a Single Exercise Bout at Moderate Altitude on Blood Pressure

2004, 13, 19 – 30
Johann Auer, Robert Berent, Markus Prenninger, Thomas Weber, Klaus Kritzinger, Martin Veits, Gudrun Lamm, Elisabeth Lassnig, Bernd Eber


Velocities and Accelerations of Body Parts During Standing: Association With Visual Information

2004, 13, 31 – 43
Pirjo Kejonen, Kari Kauranen, Ahti Niinimaa, Heikki Vanharanta


Using Lunge Measurements for Baseline Fitness Testing

2004, 13, 44 – 53
Matthew T. Crill, Christopher P. Kolba, Gary S. Chleboun


Influence of Foot Type and Orthotics on Static and Dynamic Postural Control

2004, 13, 54 – 66
Lauren C. Olmsted, Jay Hertel


Comparison of Forward-, Backward-, and Lateral-Motion Exercise at Self-Selected Intensities

2004, 13, 67 – 74
Jerry Mayo, Brian Lyons, Kendal Honea, John Alvarez, Richard Byrum


The Effect of Select Shoulder Exercises on Strength, Active Angle Reproduction, Single-Arm Balance, and Functional Performance

2004, 13, 75 – 95
Darin A. Padua, Kevin M. Guskiewicz, William E. Prentice, Robert E. Schneider, Edgar W. Shields

Media Reviews


Review of: Critical Pathways in Therapeutic Intervention, Extremities and Spine

2004, 13, 96 – 97
Barb Hoogenboom


Review of: Hand Rehabilitation—A Quick Reference Guide and Review

2004, 13, 97 – 98
J. Robin Janson