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The Effects of Ice Massage on Maximum Isokinetic-Torque Production

Jeffrey A. Borgmeyer, Bradley A. Scott, Jerry L. Mayhew


Shoulder-Rotator Strength of High School Swimmers Over the Course of a Competitive Season

Martin Ramsi, Kathleen A. Swanik, Stephen J. Straub, Carl G. Mattacola


Short-Term Effects of a Single Exercise Bout at Moderate Altitude on Blood Pressure

Johann Auer, Robert Berent, Markus Prenninger, Thomas Weber, Klaus Kritzinger, Martin Veits, Gudrun Lamm, Elisabeth Lassnig, Bernd Eber


Velocities and Accelerations of Body Parts During Standing: Association With Visual Information

Pirjo Kejonen, Kari Kauranen, Ahti Niinimaa, Heikki Vanharanta


Using Lunge Measurements for Baseline Fitness Testing

Matthew T. Crill, Christopher P. Kolba, Gary S. Chleboun


Influence of Foot Type and Orthotics on Static and Dynamic Postural Control

Lauren C. Olmsted, Jay Hertel


Comparison of Forward-, Backward-, and Lateral-Motion Exercise at Self-Selected Intensities

Jerry Mayo, Brian Lyons, Kendal Honea, John Alvarez, Richard Byrum


The Effect of Select Shoulder Exercises on Strength, Active Angle Reproduction, Single-Arm Balance, and Functional Performance

Darin A. Padua, Kevin M. Guskiewicz, William E. Prentice, Robert E. Schneider, Edgar W. Shields

Media Reviews


Review of: Critical Pathways in Therapeutic Intervention, Extremities and Spine

Barb Hoogenboom


Review of: Hand Rehabilitation—A Quick Reference Guide and Review

J. Robin Janson