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Hip-Abductor Muscle Performance in Participants After 45 Seconds of Resisted Sidestepping Using an Elastic Band

2006, 15, 1 – 11

Context: Hip-abductor weakness is associated with many lower extremity injuries. A simple procedure to assess hip-abductor performance is necessary in patient populations. Objective: To describe the change in pelvic-on-femoral position of the stance limb before and after 45 seconds of resisted sidestepping. Design: Cross-sectional comparative. Setting: Laboratory. Participants: 24 healthy women (24.6 ± 3.5 years) and 14 healthy men (24.5 ± 3.0 years). Main Outcome Measures: Pelvic-on-femoral position in degrees in single-leg stance before and after 45 seconds of resisted sidestepping. Results: The difference between the baseline and postexercise measurements for both men and women was significant (P < .05). The effect of the resisted-sidestepping exercise on the hip abductors was not statistically different between men and women. Conclusions: Forty-five seconds of resisted sidestepping using an elastic band produced a change in pelvic-on-femoral position in healthy adults. This test might be useful to detect impaired performance in hip abductors of patients with injury elsewhere in the musculoskeletal system.

Authors: James W. Youdas, Erica F. Loder, Jody L. Moldenhauer, Christine R. Paulsen, John H. Hollman

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