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Golf After Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Retrospective Review of 46 Patients

2006, 15, 205 – 214

Context: With the rising number of patients with total hip arthroplasty, there is demand for sporting activities for these patients to stay physically active.Objectives: The goal of this study was to evaluate satisfaction and golfing performance for golfers after total hip arthroplasty.Study Design: Retrospective cohort study.Patients: Data of 46 golfers with an average age of 66.5 years (46–79 years) with an average follow up of 58.8 months (7–253 months) after total hip arthroplasty was analysed.Results: 37 patients (80.4%) were able to return completely pain free, 9 patients still had pain during golf (19.6%). While satisfaction was high regardless of gender or affected side, only male golfers significantly improved their handicap and driving distance. Time spent on the golf course was the same pre- and postoperatively. Average time for returning to practice was 3.8 months; time until a full round of golf was 5.2 months. Postoperative physiotherapy was a significant factor in achieving an improved performance postoperatively.Conclusions: Golfers can return to the golf course with the same frequency and performance level to stay physically active after total hip arthroplasty.Key Words: golf, sports injuries, total joint replacement, hip

Authors: Dennis Liem, Katharina Van Fabeck, Wolfgang Poetzl, Winfried WInkelmann, Georg Gosheger

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