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Temporal Influences of Functional Knee Bracing on Torque Production of the Lower Extremity

2006, 15, 215 – 226

Context: Functional knee braces (FKB) are used prophylactically and in rehabilitation to aide in the functional stability of the knee. Objective: To determine if alterations in select lower extremity moments persist throughout a one hour period in healthy individuals. Design: 2X5 repeated measures design. Setting: Biomechanics Laboratory. Subjects: Twenty subjects (14 male and 6 female, mean age 26.5±7 yrs; height 172.4±13 cm; weight 78.6±9 kg), separated into braced (B) and no brace (NB) groups. Intervention: A one-hour exercise program divided into three 20 minute increments. Main Outcome Measures: Synchronized three-dimensional kinematic and kinetic data were collected at 20-minute increments to assess the effect of the FKB on select lower extremity moments and vertical ground reaction forces.  Results: Increase in hip moment and a decrease in knee moment were noted immediately after brace application and appeared to persist throughout a one hour bout of exercise. Conclusions: The FKB and the exercise intervention caused decreases in knee joint moments and increases in hip joint moments. Key Words: joint moments, ground reaction forces, bracing

Authors: Brian M. Campbell, James Yaggie, Daniel Cipriani

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