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The Effect of Static Stretching on Maximal Voluntary Contraction and Force-Time Curve Characteristics

2006, 15, 185 – 194
Christos Papadopoulos, Vasilios I. Kalapotharakos, Georgios Noussios, Konstantinos Meliggas, Evangelia Gantiraga


Hip Adduction Does not Affect VMO EMG Amplitude or VMO:VL Ratios During a Dynamic Squat Exercise

2006, 15, 195 – 204
Michelle C. Boling, Darin Padua, Troy Blackburn, Meredith Petschauer, Christopher Hirth


Golf After Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Retrospective Review of 46 Patients

2006, 15, 205 – 214
Dennis Liem, Katharina Van Fabeck, Wolfgang Poetzl, Winfried WInkelmann, Georg Gosheger


Temporal Influences of Functional Knee Bracing on Torque Production of the Lower Extremity

2006, 15, 215 – 226
Brian M. Campbell, James Yaggie, Daniel Cipriani


Response to Exercise in Paraplegics and Able Bodied Subjects: A New Formula to Estimate the Theoretical Oxygen Uptake

2006, 15, 227 – 235
Joan Vidal, Josep Medina, Casimiro Javierre, Alberto Morales, J.R. Barbany, Andrea Suarez, Josep L. Ventura, Ramon Segura


Strength Values of Shoulder Internal and External Rotators in Elite Volleyball Players

2006, 15, 236 – 244
Robert van Cingel, Gertjan Kleinrensink, Rob Stoeckart, Geert Aufdemkampe, Rob de Bie, Harm Kuipers


Mental Toughness as a Determinant of Beliefs, Pain, and Adherence in Sport Injury Rehabilitation

2006, 15, 245 – 253
Andrew Levy, Remco Pollman, Peter J. Clough, David Marchant, Keith Earle


Quantifying Bilateral Joint Contributions During Three Variations of the Step Exercise

2006, 15, 254 – 264
Sean P. Flanagan, Kara M. Kessans, George J. Salem