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Cryotherapy Does Not Affect Peroneal Reaction Following Sudden Inversion

2007, 16, 285 – 294
Christine L. Berg, Joseph M. Hart, Riann M. Palmieri-Smith, Kevin M. Cross, Christopher D. Ingersoll


Effect of Fatigue on Neuromuscular Function at the Ankle

2007, 16, 295 – 306
Gregory M. Gutierrez, Nicole Jackson, Kristin A. Dorr, Sarah E. Margiotta, Thomas W. Kaminski


Effect of the Simultaneous Application of NMES and HVPC on Knee Extension Torque

2007, 17, 307 – 318
William Holcomb, Mack D. Rubley, Tedd J. Girouard


Analyses of Isokinetic and Closed Chain Movements for Hamstring Reciprocal Coactivation

2007, 16, 319 – 325
John P. Miller, Ronald V. Croce


Determining Meaningful Changes in Pelvic-On-Femoral Position During the Trendelenburg Test

2007, 16, 326 – 335
James W. Youdas, Sara T. Mraz, Barbara J. Norstad, Jennifer J. Schinke, John H. Hollman


Heart Rate Variability Before and After Knee Surgery in Amateur Soccer Players

2007, 16, 336 – 342
Nicolas Olivier, Renaud Legrand, Jacques Rogez, FX Gamelin, Serge Berthoin, Thierry Weissland


A Reversal Theory Analysis of Psychological Responses During Sports Injury Rehabilitation

2007, 16, 343 – 362
Joanne Thatcher, John Kerr, Kristy Amies, Melissa Day


The Effect of Textured Insoles on Postural Control in Double and Single Limb Stance

2007, 16, 363 – 372
Dawn Corbin, Joseph M. Hart, Patrick O. McKeon, Christopher D. Ingersoll, Jay N. Hertel