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JSR Volume 23, Issue 1, February

Original Research Reports


Muscle Activation Levels of the Gluteus Maximus and Medius During Standing Hip-Joint-Strengthening Exercises Using Elastic-Tubing Resistance

2014, 23, 1 – 11
James W. Youdas, Kady E. Adams, John E. Bertucci, Koel J. Brooks, Meghan M. Nelson, John H. Hollman


The Importance of a Normal Breathing Pattern for an Effective Abdominal-Hollowing Maneuver in Healthy People: An Experimental Study

2014, 23, 12 – 17
Sung-min Ha, Oh-yun Kwon, Su-jung Kim, Sung-dae Choung


Effect of a 2-Week Joint-Mobilization Intervention on Single-Limb Balance and Ankle Arthrokinematics in Those With Chronic Ankle Instability

2014, 23, 18 – 26
Matthew C. Hoch, David R. Mullineaux, Richard D. Andreatta, Robert A. English, Jennifer M. Medina McKeon, Carl G. Mattacola, Patrick O. McKeon


Kinematic Analysis of Selected Reach Directions of the Star Excursion Balance Test Compared With the Y-Balance Test

2014, 23, 27 – 35
Karl Fullam, Brian M. Caulfield, Garrett F. Coughlan, Eamonn Delahunt


Effect of Gender on the Quadriceps-to-Hamstrings Coactivation Ratio During Different Exercises

2014, 23, 36 – 43
Gulcan Harput, Ruhi Soylu, Hayri Ertan, Nevin Ergun, Carl G. Mattacola


Concurrent and Discriminant Validity of the Star Excursion Balance Test for Military Personnel With Lateral Ankle Sprain

2014, 23, 44 – 55
Maude Bastien, Hélène Moffet, Laurent Bouyer, Marc Perron, Luc J. Hébert, Jean Leblond


Effects of Examiner Strength on Reliability of Hip-Strength Testing Using a Handheld Dynamometer

2014, 23, 56 – 64
David A. Krause, Mathew D. Neuger, Kimberly A. Lambert, Amanda E. Johnson, Heather A. DeVinny, John H. Hollman


A Cross-Sectional Study Examining Shoulder Pain and Disability in Division I Female Swimmers

2014, 23, 65 – 75
Shana Harrington, Corinne Meisel, Angela Tate