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These Technical Reports, short articles that present results related to a new or modified method, instrument, or clinical technique; validity/reliability or methods; or an important experimental observation within the scope of the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, are published only online but are “open access,” available to subscribers and nonsubscribers alike.

10   Articles

Criterion-Related Validity of Knee Joint-Position-Sense Measurement Using Image Capture and Isokinetic Dynamometry

Technical Report 10
Nicola Relph, Lee Herrington


Saline-Assisted Aspirations for Collecting Synovial Fluid From Noneffused Knees: Technique and Validation

Technical Report 9
Jeffrey B. Driban, Nicole Cattano, Easwaran Balasubramanian, Michael R. Sitler, Mamta Amin, Joseph J. Glutting, Mary F. Barbe


Reliability and Validity of Thickness Measurements of the Supraspinatus Muscle of the Shoulder: An Ultrasonography Study

Technical Report 8
William Charles Temes, Amy Temes Clifton, Valerie Hilton, Leslie Girard, Neisha Strait, Andrew R. Karduna


Test–Retest Reliability and Validity of Isometric Knee-Flexion and -Extension Measurement Using 3 Methods of Assessing Muscle Strength

Technical Report 7
Jenny Toonstra, Carl G. Mattacola


Reliability of Measurement of Maximal Isometric Lateral Trunk-Flexion Strength in Athletes Using Handheld Dynamometry

Technical Report 6
Bram L. Newman, Courtney L. Pollock, Michael A. Hunt


Aquatic-Treadmill Walking: Quantifying Drag Force and Energy Expenditure

Technical Report 5
Eadric Bressel, Gerald Smith, Andrew Miller, Dennis G. Dolny


Intraobserver and Interobserver Reliability of a Method to Measure Ankle Plantar-Flexion Range of Motion in the Hook-Lying Position

Technical Report 4
Guilherme S. Nunes, Gabriela S. Bayer, Letícia M.R. da Costa, Marcos de Noronha


Intrarater Reliability of Assessing Strength of the Shoulder and Scapular Muscles

Technical Report 3
Derya Çelik, Ahmet Dirican, Gül Baltaci


Talocrural Joint Mobilization’s Lack of Effect on Postural Control in Healthy Subjects

Technical Report 2
Kevin G. Laudner, Mike Moline, Todd A. McLoda, Steven T. McCaw


Reliability, Validity, and Precision of a Handheld Myometer for Assessing in Vivo Muscle Stiffness

Technical Report 1
Steven M. Zinder, Darin A. Padua

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