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These Technical Reports, short articles that present results related to a new or modified method, instrument, or clinical technique; validity/reliability or methods; or an important experimental observation within the scope of the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, are published only online but are “open access,” available to subscribers and nonsubscribers alike.

8   Articles

Reliability and Validity of Thickness Measurements of the Supraspinatus Muscle of the Shoulder: An Ultrasonography Study

Technical Report 8
William Charles Temes, Amy Temes Clifton, Valerie Hilton, Leslie Girard, Neisha Strait, Andrew R. Karduna


Test–Retest Reliability and Validity of Isometric Knee-Flexion and -Extension Measurement Using 3 Methods of Assessing Muscle Strength

Technical Report 7
Jenny Toonstra, Carl G. Mattacola


Reliability of Measurement of Maximal Isometric Lateral Trunk-Flexion Strength in Athletes Using Handheld Dynamometry

Technical Report 6
Bram L. Newman, Courtney L. Pollock, Michael A. Hunt


Aquatic-Treadmill Walking: Quantifying Drag Force and Energy Expenditure

Technical Report 5
Eadric Bressel, Gerald Smith, Andrew Miller, Dennis G. Dolny


Intraobserver and Interobserver Reliability of a Method to Measure Ankle Plantar-Flexion Range of Motion in the Hook-Lying Position

Technical Report 4
Guilherme S. Nunes, Gabriela S. Bayer, Letícia M.R. da Costa, Marcos de Noronha


Intrarater Reliability of Assessing Strength of the Shoulder and Scapular Muscles

Technical Report 3
Derya Çelik, Ahmet Dirican, Gül Baltaci


Talocrural Joint Mobilization’s Lack of Effect on Postural Control in Healthy Subjects

Technical Report 2
Kevin G. Laudner, Mike Moline, Todd A. McLoda, Steven T. McCaw


Reliability, Validity, and Precision of a Handheld Myometer for Assessing in Vivo Muscle Stiffness

Technical Report 1
Steven M. Zinder, Darin A. Padua

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