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These Technical Reports, short articles that present results related to a new or modified method, instrument, or clinical technique; validity/reliability or methods; or an important experimental observation within the scope of the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, are published only online but are “open access,” available to subscribers and nonsubscribers alike.

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Reliability of Isometric and Eccentric Isokinetic Shoulder External Rotation

Brianna M. Papotto, Thomas Rice, Terry R. Malone, Timothy Butterfield, Tim L. Uhl


The Reliability of Strength Tests Performed In Elevated Shoulder Positions Using a Handheld Dynamometer

Sally J. McLaine, Karen A. Ginn, Cecilia M. Kitic, James W. Fell, Marie-Louise Bird


Interrater and Intrarater Reliability and Validity of 3 Measurement Methods for Shoulder-Position Sense

Amir K. Vafadar, Julie N. Côté, Philippe S. Archambault


Low-Budget Instrumentation of a Conventional Leg Press to Measure Reliable Isometric-Strength Capacity

Heiner Baur, Alessia Severina Groppa, Regula Limacher, Lorenz Radlinger


Reliability of the Active-Knee-Extension and Straight-Leg-Raise Tests in Subjects With Flexibility Deficits

Technical Report 17
Tiago Neto, Lia Jacobsohn, Ana I. Carita, Raul Oliveira


Effect of a High-Intensity Intermittent-Exercise Protocol on Neurocognitive Function in Healthy Adults: Implications for Return-to-Play Management After Sport-Related Concussion

Technical Report 16
Enda F. Whyte, Nicola Gibbons, Grainne Kerr, Kieran A. Moran


Validity and Intrarater Reliability of 2-Dimensional Motion Analysis Using a Handheld Tablet Compared With Traditional 3-Dimensional Motion Analysis

Technical Report 14
Barbara C Belyea, Ethan Lewis, Zachary Gabor, Jill Jackson, Deborah L. King


Interexaminer, Intraexaminer, and Test–Retest Reliability of Clinical Knee Joint-Position-Sense Measurements Using an Image-Capture Technique

Technical Report 12
Nicola Relph, Lee Herrington


Validity and Reliability of an Instrumented Leg-Extension Machine for Measuring Isometric Muscle Strength of Knee Extensors

Technical Report 11
Caroline Ruschel, Alessandro Haupenthal, Gabriel Fernandes Jacomel, Heiliane de Brito Fontana, Daniela Pacheco dos Santos, Robson Dias Scoz, Helio Roesler


Saline-Assisted Aspirations for Collecting Synovial Fluid From Noneffused Knees: Technique and Validation

Technical Report 9
Jeffrey B. Driban, Nicole Cattano, Easwaran Balasubramanian, Michael R. Sitler, Mamta Amin, Joseph J. Glutting, Mary F. Barbe

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