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The primary purpose of this section is to bring materials to the attention of JTPE readers that they would have missed if this were the only journal they read. A second purpose is to introduce a variety of retrieval sources for locating research reports, research reviews, and research-based articles. Items are included that relate to teaching, teachers, and teacher development in physical education. Please send e-mail comments concerning Retrieval and Review to larrylo@delphi.com.

Editor’s Note: This is the fifth annual review and retrieval section devoted to doctoral dissertations. For the period of January 1996 through September 1998, nominations from readers and use of the ProQuest retrieval system for Dissertation Abstracts International identified nearly 50 new dissertations related to teaching, teachers, and teacher development in physical education. No selection from that group could pretend to represent fully the vitality, intellectual daring, and far-ranging interests that characterize the world of doctoral research. The small set of reports noted here is intended only to display the potential utility, for both practice and theory, that is available to those who monitor and selectively retrieve from this rich genre of inquiry.

The brief notes following each item are not research abstracts. They are intended only to highlight what readers might find particularly interesting among the questions posed, methods employed, and findings derived. Full abstracts for each study are available in Dissertation Abstracts International. With only rare exceptions, microfilm, microfiche, or hard copies of complete dissertations may be obtained from University Microfilms International. To conserve space, the abbreviations DAI and UMI have been used in all citation references to Dissertation Abstracts International and University Microfilms International.

Bator, M.G. (1997). Identifying the good in everyday teaching (University of Illinois at Chicago, Advisor: D.T. Hansen). DAI, 58, 759. (UMI No. 9728504)

Authors: Lawrence F. Locke

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