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Implementation and Outcomes of a Responsibility-Based Physical Activity Program Integrated Into an Intact High School Physical Education Class

138 – 154
Paul M. Wright, Suzanne Burton


School Physical Education, Extracurricular Sports, and Lifelong Active Living

155 – 166
Jason N. Bocarro, Scott Forrester


Measuring Students’ Perceptions of Personal and Social Responsibility and the Relationship to Intrinsic Motivation in Urban Physical Education

167 – 178
Weidong Li, Paul M. Wright, Paul Bernard Rukavina, Molly Pickering


Achievement Goals and Their Relations to Self-Reported Persistence/Effort in Secondary Physical Education: A Trichotomous Achievement Goal Framework

179 – 191
Bulent Agbuga, Ping Xiang


Testing the Mediating Role of Perceived Motivational Climate in the Relationship Between Achievement Goals and Satisfaction: Are These Relationships Invariant Across Sex?

192 – 204
George B. Cunningham, Ping Xiang


Predicting Physical Activity in Arab American School Children

205 – 219
Jeffrey J. Martin, Nate McCaughtry, Bo Shen


The Game Performance Assessment Instrument (GPAI): Some Concerns and Solutions for Further Development

220 – 240
Daniel Memmert, Stephen Harvey

Research Note


Teachers’ Preferences on the Qualities and Roles of a Mentor Teacher

241 – 251
Donetta Cothran, Nate McCaughtry, Sara Smigell, Alex Garn, Pamela Kulinna, Jeffrey J. Martin, Roberta Faust

Editors' Note


Editors' Note

135 – 137

Retrieval and Review


Retrieval and Review

252 – 263