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JTPE Volume 35, Issue 2, April



Impact of National Physical Activity and Health Guidelines and Documents on Research on Teaching K-12 Physical Education in U.S.A.

2016, 35, 85 – 96
Weidong Li, Ping Xiang, Zan Gao, Bo Shen, Zhihua Yin, Qingtao Kong


Elementary Classroom Teachers’ Beliefs Across Time: Learning to Teach Physical Education

2016, 35, 97 – 106
Déirdre Ní Chróinín, Mary O'Sullivan


Becoming Physically Literate for Life: Embracing the Functions, Forms, Feelings and Flows of Alternative and Mainstream Physical Activity

2016, 35, 107 – 116
Rebecca J. Lloyd

Physical Activity, Physical Fitness, and Health-Related Quality of Life in School-Aged Children

Physical Activity, Physical Fitness, and Health-Related Quality of Life in School-Aged Children

2016, 35, 117 – 126
Xiangli Gu, Mei Chang, Melinda A. Solmon


Middle School Physical Education Teachers’ Perspectives on Overweight Students

2016, 35, 127 – 137
Sarah A. Doolittle, Paul B. Rukavina, Weidong Li, Mara Manson, Angela Beale


Student Perceptions of Instructional Choices in Middle School Physical Education

2016, 35, 138 – 148
Bulent Agbuga, Ping Xiang, Ron E. McBride, Xiaoxia Su


Stress Management in Physical Education Class: An Experiential Approach To Improve Coping Skills and Reduce Stress Perceptions in Adolescents

2016, 35, 149 – 158
Christin Lang, Anna Karina Feldmeth, Serge Brand, Edith Holsboer-Trachsler, Uwe Pühse, Markus Gerber


At-Risk Boys’ Social Self-Efficacy and Physical Activity Self-Efficacy in a Summer Sports Camp

2016, 35, 159 – 168
Xiaoxia Su, Ping Xiang, Ron E. McBride, Jiling Liu, Michael A. Thornton


Linking Teacher Socialization Research With a PETE Program: Insights From Beginning and Experienced Teachers

2016, 35, 169 – 180
Ann MacPhail, Therese Hartley

Research Note


Assessing Novices’ Game Performance in Rugby Union: The Rugby Attack Assessment Instrument (RAAI)

2016, 35, 181 – 186
Bernat Llobet-Martí, Victor López-Ros, Jose Barrera-Gómez, Joel Comino-Ruiz