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JTPE Volume 35, Issue 3, July

Editors’ Note


Another New Chapter for JTPE

2016, 35, 193 – 193
Weidong Li

Invited Paper


Pedagogical Content Knowledge: Conceptions and Findings in Physical Education

2016, 35, 194 – 207
Phillip Ward, Shiri Ayvazo



Game-Based Approaches, Pedagogical Principles and Tactical Constraints: Examining Games Modification

2016, 35, 208 – 218
Jaime Serra-Olivares, Luis M. García-López, Antonio Calderón


Fundamental Movement Skills: An Important Focus

2016, 35, 219 – 225
Lisa M. Barnett, David F. Stodden, Kristen E. Cohen, Jordan J. Smith, David R. Lubans, Matthieu Lenoir, Susanna Iivonen, Andrew Miller, Arto Laukkanen, Dean Dudley, Natalie Jayne Lander, Helen Brown, Philip J. Morgan


Mainstreaming and Maintaining: Perspectives of Social Justice from HBCU PETE Alumni

2016, 35, 226 – 240
Langston Clark, Anthony Heaven, Usman Shah


The Relationship of Practice, Attitude, and Perception of Competence in Middle School Physical Education

2016, 35, 241 – 250
Kristin Scrabis-Fletcher, Jennifer Rasmussen, Stephen Silverman


Effects of Grouping Forms, Student Gender and Ability Level on the Pleasure Experienced in Physical Education

2016, 35, 251 – 262
Vanessa Lentillon-Kaestner, Gianpaolo Patelli


Without The Academic Part, It Wouldn’t Be Squash”: Youth Development in an Urban Squash Program

2016, 35, 263 – 276
Michael A. Hemphill, K. Andrew R. Richards

Research Notes


Standards-Based Assessment, Grading, and Professional Development of California Middle School Physical Education Teachers

2016, 35, 277 – 283
Robert Daniel Michael, Collin A. Webster, Debra Patterson, Patricia L. Laguna, Clay Sherman


Exploring the Job Satisfaction of Late Career Secondary Physical Education Teachers

2016, 35, 284 – 289
Russell L. Carson, K. Andrew R. Richards, Michael A. Hemphill, Thomas J. Templin


A Collaborative Approach to Self-Study Research in Physical Education Teacher Education

2016, 35, 290 – 295
K. Andrew Richards, James D. Ressler