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JTPE Volume 34, Issue 3, July



A Call for Cutting Edge Research in Physical Education

2015, 34, 345 – 345
Ben Dyson, Weidong Li



Effects of Vigorous Intensity Physical Activity on Mathematics Test Performance

2015, 34, 346 – 362
David Phillips, James C. Hannon, Darla M. Castelli


Game Performance and Understanding Within a Hybrid Sport Education Season

2015, 34, 363 – 383
Cláudio Filipe Farias, Isabel Ribeiro Mesquita, Peter A. Hastie


Integration of Information and Communication Technology and Pupils’ Motivation in a Physical Education Setting

2015, 34, 384 – 401
Pascal Legrain, Nicolas Gillet, Christophe Gernigon, Marc-André Lafreniere


Development and Initial Validation of the Chinese Version of Psychological Needs Thwarting Scale in Physical Education

2015, 34, 402 – 423
Jing Dong Liu, Pak-kwong Chung


Gender Differences on Attitudes and Participation in an Extracurricular Gymnastics Course Among Greek University Students

2015, 34, 424 – 441
Dimitrios Milosis, Athanasios G. Papaioannou, Theophanis A. Siatras, Miltiadis Proios, Michael Proios


Changes in Children’s Autonomous Motivation Toward Physical Education During Transition From Elementary to Secondary School: A Self-Determination Perspective

2015, 34, 442 – 460
Cindy Rutten, Filip Boen, Nathalie Vissers, Jan Seghers


Upper Elementary School Student Attitudes Toward Physical Education

2015, 34, 461 – 473
Sharon R. Phillips, Stephen Silverman


An Exploratory Study of Elementary Classroom Teachers’ Physical Activity Promotion From a Social Learning Perspective

2015, 34, 474 – 495
Collin A. Webster, Heather Buchan, Melanie Perreault, Rob Doan, Panayiotis Doutis, Robert G. Weaver


Young School Children’s Recess Physical Activity: Movement Patterns and Preferences

2015, 34, 496 – 516
Amelia Mays Woods, Kim C. Graber, David Newman Daum, Chris Gentry


Predicting Physical Activity in 10-12 Year Old Children: A Social Ecological Approach

2015, 34, 517 – 536
Tao Zhang, Katherine Thomas, Karen H. Weiller

Research Notes


Effects of Physical Education on Objectively Determined Physical Activity in Primary School Children—Which Proportioning Is Best?

2015, 34, 537 – 547
Susanne Kobel, Sarah Kettner, Nanette Erkelenz, Dorothea Kesztyüs, Jürgen M. Steinacker


Physical Education Teacher Training in Fundamental Movement Skills Makes a Difference to Instruction and Assessment Practices

2015, 34, 548 – 556
Natalie Jayne Lander, Lisa Michele Barnett, Helen Brown, Amanda Telford