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The Effect of Monaural Auditory Stimulus on Hand Selection When Reaching

Keisuke Tani


Simultaneous Turn and Step Task for Investigating Control Strategies in Healthy Young and Community Dwelling Older Adults

Andrew H. Huntley


The Influence of the Aquatic Environment on Gait Initiation: A Pilot Study

Andresa R. Marinho-Buzelli


Gunslinger Effect and Müller-Lyer Illusion: Examining Early Visual Information Processing for Late Limb-Target Control

James W. Roberts


Kinematics of the Shoulder Girdle During Pointing: Coordination Between Joints and their Contribution to the Peri-Personal Workspace

Agnès Roby-Brami


Do Performers’ Experience and Sex Affect Their Performance

Emmanuel Jacobs


The Influence of Restricted Visual Feedback on Dribbling Performance in Youth Soccer Players

Job Fransen


Emerging Behavioral Flexibility in Loop Writing: A Longitudinal Study in 7-to-9 Year-Old Primary School Children

Ida M. Bosga-Stork


Effects of Treadmill Exercise on Spontaneous Firing Activities of Striatal Neurons in a Rat Model of Parkinson’s Disease

Kaixuan Shi


Adaptation Behaviour of Skilled Infant Bouncers: Leg Movements and Mechanisms of Control

Olinda Habib Perez


The Effect of Load Uncertainty and Foreperiod Regularity on Anticipatory and Compensatory Neuromotor Control in Catching

William P. Berg


Prehension Combined With Gait in Individuals With Chronic Low Back Pain

Priscila Abbári Rossi Manciopi


Trunk Postural Muscle Timing Is Not Compromised In Low Back Pain Patients Clinically Diagnosed with Movement Coordination Impairments

Rupal Mehta


Axial Segmental Coordination During Turning: Effects of Stroke and Attentional Loadings

Haidzir Manaf


 Effects of Unilateral Muscle Fatigue on Performance and Force Coordination in Bimanual Manipulation Tasks

Daniel Feeney


Joint Coordination and Muscle Activities of Ballet Dancers During Tiptoe Standing

Hiroko Tanabe


The Effect of Blocked, Random and Mixed Practice Schedules on Speech Motor Learning of Tongue Twisters in Unimpaired Speakers

Kelly Jones


Matching and Minimizing Movement Time in Speed-Accuracy Tasks

Tsung-Yu Hsieh


A Surrogate Technique for Investigating Deterministic Dynamics in Discrete Human Movement

Paul G. Taylor


Ball-Throwing Without a Ball: Pantomimed Motor Execution Primes the Imagination that an Object is Traveling the Required Distance

Hideyuki Tanaka


Garner-Interference in Skilled Right-Handed Grasping is Possible

Markus Janczyk


Effects of Force Requirements on Pinch Force Production in Healthy Adults

Aisha Khan


Dynamic Characteristic Analysis of Spinal Motor Control Between 11 and 15 Year-Old Children

Daniel H.K. Chow


Effect of Practicing Soccer Juggling With Different Sized Balls Upon Performance, Retention and Transfer to Ball Reception

Olav Raastad


Induced Gamma-Band Activity During Voluntary Movement: EEG Analysis for Clinical Purposes

Carlos Amo


Motor Cortex Inhibition is Increased During a Secondary Cognitive Task

Katherine G. Holste


Postural Steadiness and Ankle Force Variability in Peripheral Neuropathy

Roger J. Paxton


Saccade-Related Potentials During Eye-Hand Coordination: Effects of Hand Movements on Saccade Preparation

Uta Sailer


Elite Athletes Refine Their Internal Clocks: A Bayesian Analysis

Yin-Hua Chen


Front Crawl Sprint Performance: A Cluster Analysis of Biomechanics, Energetics, Coordinative, and Anthropometric Determinants in Young Swimmers

Pedro Figueiredo


Examining Impulse-Variability in Kicking

Andrew Chappell


Syllable Repetition vs. Finger Tapping: Aspects of Motor Timing in 100 Healthy Adults

Maria Sundqvist


Towards Prospective Application of the UCM Method

Wei Zhang

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