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Dynamic Characteristic Analysis of Spinal Motor Control Between 11 and 15 Year-Old Children

Daniel H.K. Chow


Error Detection is Critical for Visual-Motor Corrections

Robert L. Sainburg


Are Motor Adjustments Quick Because They Don’t Require Detection or Because They Escape Competition?

Bradley P. Wyble


Effect of Practicing Soccer Juggling With Different Sized Balls Upon Performance, Retention and Transfer to Ball Reception

Olav Raastad


Induced Gamma-Band Activity During Voluntary Movement: EEG Analysis for Clinical Purposes

Carlos Amo


Motor Cortex Inhibition is Increased During a Secondary Cognitive Task

Katherine G. Holste


Postural Steadiness and Ankle Force Variability in Peripheral Neuropathy

Roger J. Paxton


Saccade-Related Potentials During Eye-Hand Coordination: Effects of Hand Movements on Saccade Preparation

Uta Sailer


The Role of Sensorimotor Incongruence in Pain in Professional Dancers

Nathalie Anne Roussel


Volitional Initiation and Fast Visuomotor Networks: Why Movements are Slow to Start and Quick to Correct

Romeo Chua


Hemispheric Asymmetry of Supplementary Motor Area Proper: A Functional Connectivity Study of the Motor Network

Mickael Dinomais


The Detection Continuum for Motor Control Comprises Preparation and Adjustments

Alexandra Reichenbach


Motor Unit Interpulse Intervals During High Force Contractions

Matt S. Stock


Elite Athletes Refine Their Internal Clocks: A Bayesian Analysis

Yin-Hua Chen


Front Crawl Sprint Performance: A Cluster Analysis of Biomechanics, Energetics, Coordinative, and Anthropometric Determinants in Young Swimmers

Pedro Figueiredo


Under Threshold Position Control, Peripheral Mechanisms Compensate Efficiently for Small Perturbations of Arm Movements

Lei Zhang


Examining Impulse-Variability in Kicking

Andrew Chappell


Syllable Repetition vs. Finger Tapping: Aspects of Motor Timing in 100 Healthy Adults

Maria Sundqvist


Online Corrections are Faster Because Movement Initiation Must Disengage Postural Control

Tyler Cluff


The Effect of Cognitive Task Type and Walking Speed on Dual-Task Gait in Healthy Adults

James G. Wrightson


BDNF Val66Met is Associated With Performance in a Computerized Visual-Motor Tracking Test In Healthy Adults

Yeimy Gonzalez-Giraldo


Trunk Muscle Coordination When Reaching Upward and Downward in Chronic Stroke Survivors

Geetanjali Gera Dutta


Pink Noise in Rowing Ergometer Performance and the Role of Skill Level

Ruud J. Den Hartigh


Does Dopamine Replacement Medication Affect Postural Sequence Learning in Parkinson Disease?

Heather A. Hayes


Dental Occlusion Influences the Standing Balance on an Unstable Platform

Sonia Julia-Sanchez


Movement Adjustments have Short Latencies Because there is no Need to Detect Anything

Jeroen B.J. Smeets


The Effect of Neurodegeneration on Visuomotor Behavior in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease

Casper de Boer


Sensory Interactions for Head and Trunk Control in Space in Young and Older Adults During Normal and Narrow-based Walking

Fang Zhang


Time-to-Contact Analysis of Gait Stability in the Swing Phase of Walking in People With Multiple Sclerosis

Jebb G. Remelius


Towards Prospective Application of the UCM Method

Wei Zhang


Visual Feedback of Bilateral Bite Force to Assess Motor Control of the Mandible in Isometric Condition

Marco Testa


Statistical Considerations When Assessing Short Latency Stretch Reflexes in the Human Soleus Muscle

Asger R. Pedersen

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