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Towards Prospective Application of the UCM Method

Wei Zhang


Spinal Reflexes During Postural Control Under Psychological Pressure

Yoshifumi Tanaka


Getting a Grasp of Theories of Sensorimotor Control of the Hand: Identification of Underlying Neural Mechanisms

Marco Santello


Are Two Hands Sensing the Load Better Than One?

Alexander S. Aruin


Visual Feedback of Bilateral Bite Force to Assess Motor Control of the Mandible in Isometric Condition

Marco Testa


Should the Equilibrium Point Hypothesis (EPH) be Considered a “Scientific Theory”?

Robert L. Sainburg


Premovement Changes in Corticospinal Excitability of the Biceps Brachii are not Different Between Arm Cycling and an Intensity-Matched Tonic Contraction

David B. Copithorne


Entropy of Movement Outcome in Space-Time

Shih-Chiung Lai


The Effect of Footrest on Standing Postural Control

Mohan Ganesan


Quantifying the Contributions of a Flexor Digitorum Brevis Muscle on Postural Stability

Liria Akie Okai


Perception of Self-Motion and Regulation of Walking Speed in Young-Old Adults

Marie-Jasmine Lalonde-Parsi


The Hand: Shall we Ever Understand How it Works?

Mark L. Latash


Statistical Considerations When Assessing Short Latency Stretch Reflexes in the Human Soleus Muscle

Asger R. Pedersen


Elite Athletes Refine their Internal Clocks

Yin-Hua Chen


Experience and Net Worth Affects Optimality in a Motor Decision Task

Heather F. Neyedli


The Relationships Between Muscle Force Steadiness and Visual Steadiness in Young and Old Adults

Rebecca L. Krupenevich


Movement Kinematics as an Index of the Level Of Motor Skill: The Case of Indian Craftsmen Stone Knapping

E.V. Biryukova


Irrelevant Location Information Influences Accuracy in Bowling

Senne Braem


Unsupported Eyes Closed Sitting and Quiet Standing Share Postural Control Strategies in Healthy Individuals

Murielle Grangeon


Factors Affecting Time-to-Contact Calculations During Quiet Standing

Angela DiDomenico

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