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Looking Backwards, Again

1999, 11, 307 – 310
Thomas W. Rowland

Research Digest


Research Digest

1999, 11, 311 – 316

Original Research


Physiological Determinants of Maximal Aerobic Power in Healthy 12-Year-Old Boys

1999, 11, 317 – 326
Thomas Rowland, Gregory Kline, Donna Goff, Leslie Martel, Lisa Ferrone


Is Physical Activity Related to Body Size, Fundamental Motor Skills, and CHD Risk Factors in Early Childhood?

1999, 11, 327 – 340
Arja Saakslahti, Pirkko Numminen, Harri Niinikoski, Leena Rask-Nissila, Jorma Viikari, Juhani Tuominen, Ilkaa Valimaki


Validity of the Previous Day Physical Activity Recall (PDPAR) in Fifth-Grade Children

1999, 11, 341 – 348
Stewart G. Trost, Dianne S. Ward, Ben McGraw, Russell R. Pate


The Effect of Training Volume and Growth on Gymnastic Performance in Young Women

1999, 11, 349 – 363
Joanne E. Richards, Timothy R. Ackland, Bruce C. Elliott


Tracking of Physical Activity, Physical Inactivity, and Health-Related Physical Fitness in Rural Youth

1999, 11, 364 – 376
Russell R. Pate, Stewart G. Trost, Marsha Dowda, Alise E. Ott, Dianne S. Ward, Ruth Saunders, Gwen M. Felton


Learning to Swim Using Buoyancy Aides

1999, 11, 377 – 392
Helen Parker, Brian A. Blanksby, Kian L. Quek


Effects of a Physical Activity Program on Children's Activity Levels and Attraction to Physical Activity

1999, 11, 393 – 405
Michael P. Ernst, Robert P. Pangrazi


Pulmonary Function of Children With Asthma in Selected Indoor Sport Environments

1999, 11, 406 – 412
Thomas W. Pelham, Laurence E. Holt, Michael A. Moss


Using the Computer Science and Applications (CSA) Activity Monitor in Preschool Children

1999, 11, 413 – 420
Sheila C. Fairweather, John J. Reilly, Stanley Grant, Arthur Whittaker, James Y. Paton

Letter to the Editor


Letter to the Editor

1999, 11, 421