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Looking Backwards, Again

307 – 310
Thomas W. Rowland

Research Digest


Research Digest

311 – 316

Original Research


Physiological Determinants of Maximal Aerobic Power in Healthy 12-Year-Old Boys

317 – 326
Thomas Rowland, Gregory Kline, Donna Goff, Leslie Martel, Lisa Ferrone


Is Physical Activity Related to Body Size, Fundamental Motor Skills, and CHD Risk Factors in Early Childhood?

327 – 340
Arja Saakslahti, Pirkko Numminen, Harri Niinikoski, Leena Rask-Nissila, Jorma Viikari, Juhani Tuominen, Ilkaa Valimaki


Validity of the Previous Day Physical Activity Recall (PDPAR) in Fifth-Grade Children

341 – 348
Stewart G. Trost, Dianne S. Ward, Ben McGraw, Russell R. Pate


The Effect of Training Volume and Growth on Gymnastic Performance in Young Women

349 – 363
Joanne E. Richards, Timothy R. Ackland, Bruce C. Elliott


Tracking of Physical Activity, Physical Inactivity, and Health-Related Physical Fitness in Rural Youth

364 – 376
Russell R. Pate, Stewart G. Trost, Marsha Dowda, Alise E. Ott, Dianne S. Ward, Ruth Saunders,


Learning to Swim Using Buoyancy Aides

377 – 392
Helen Parker, Brian A. Blanksby, Kian L. Quek


Effects of a Physical Activity Program on Children's Activity Levels and Attraction to Physical Activity

393 – 405
Michael P. Ernst, Robert P. Pangrazi


Pulmonary Function of Children With Asthma in Selected Indoor Sport Environments

406 – 412
Thomas W. Pelham, Laurence E. Holt, Michael A. Moss


Using the Computer Science and Applications (CSA) Activity Monitor in Preschool Children

413 – 420
Sheila C. Fairweather, John J. Reilly, Stanley Grant, Arthur Whittaker, James Y. Paton

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