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Regarding Scientific Genius: I. Learning From Role Models

2000, 12, 221 – 224
Thomas W. Rowland

Research Digest


Bone Mineral Density in Premenarcheal Gymnasts

2000, 12, 225 – 231
Sharon M. Nickols-Richardson

Original Research


Changes in Physical Fitness and Physical Activity During Puberty Do Not Predict Lipoprotein Profile Changes: The Muscatine Study

2000, 12, 232 – 243
Kathleen Janz, Jeffrey D. Dawson, Larry T. Mahoney


Effects of an Exercise Program (PEP) for Children With Asthma: Results of a Pilot Study

2000, 12, 244 – 257
Nicolette H.M.J. van Veldhoven, Lex Wijnroks, Jan M. Bogaard, Adri Vermeer


Arm Cranking Economy in Spastic Cerebral Palsy: Effects of Different Speed and Force Combinations Yielding the Same Mechanical Power

2000, 12, 258 – 269
Desiree B. Maltais, Izumi Kondo, Oded Bar-Or


The Effects of Goal Specificity and Goal Difficulty on the Performance of Badminton Skills in Children Robert P. Mooney and Nanette Mutrie

2000, 12, 270 – 283
Robert P. Mooney, Nanette Mutrie


Use of Heart Rate Cutpoints to Assess Physical Activity Intensity in Sixth-Grade Girls

2000, 12, 284 – 292
Karin M. Allor, James M. Pivarnik


Children's Understanding of the Concept of Physical Activity

2000, 12, 293 – 299
Stewart G. Trost, Angela M. Morgan, Ruth Saunders, Gwen M. Felton, Dianne S. Ward, Russell R. Pate


Evaluation of the Canadian Aerobic Fitness Test With 10- to I 5-Year-Old Children

2000, 12, 300 – 311
Anne W. Garcia, Jennifer S. Zakrajsek


The Relationship Between Physical Activity, Self-Esteem, and Academic Achievement in 12-Year-Old Children

2000, 12, 312 – 323
Mark S. Tremblay, J. Wyatt Inman, J. Douglas Willms


Leg Strength Is Related to Endurance Run Performance in Children and Adolescents With Mental Retardation

2000, 12, 324 – 333
Bo Fernhall, Kenneth H. Pitetti