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The Pediatrician and the Exercise Prescription

Thomas Rowland

Research Digest


Research Digest for PES 15.3

Review Articles


The Relationship Between Physical Activity and Cognition in Children: A Meta-Analysis

Benjamin A. Sibley, Jennifer L. Etnier

Original Research


Validation of a 3-Day Physical Activity Recall Instrument in Female Youth

Russell R. Pate, Rebecca Ross, Marsha Dowda, Stewart G. Trost


Effects of an Oral Glucose Challenge on Metabolic and Hormonal Responses to Exercise in Active Prepubertal Girls

Jean-Marc Foricher, Nathalie Boisseau, Nathalie S. Ville, Phanélie M. Berthon, Dominique Bentué-Ferrer, Arlette Gratas-Delamarche, Paul Delamarche


Influence of Step Frequency on Movement Intensity Predictions With the CSA Accelerometer: A Field Validation Study in Children

Søren Brage, Niels Wedderkopp, Lars Bo Andersen, Karsten Froberg


Personal, Social, and Environmental Correlates of Physical Activity in a Bi-Ethnic Sample of Adolescents

Charles F. Morgan, Thomas L. McKenzie, James F. Sallis, Shelia L. Broyles, Michelle M. Zive, Philip R. Nader


Short-Term Power Output in 9-Year-Old Children: Typical Error Between Ergometers and Protocols

Craig A. Williams, Eric Dore, James Alban, Emmanuel Van Praagh


The Reliability of an Isokinetic Knee Muscle Endurance Test in Young Children

Mark De Ste Croix, Neil Armstrong, Joanne R. Welsman


Comparison of Twitch Contractile Properties of Plantar Flexor Muscles in 9–10-Year-Old Girls and Boys

Mati Pääsuke, Jaan Ereline, Helena Gapeyeva, Madli Toots, Laivi Toots