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Child Marathoners, Cont’d: The Case of the “Indian Boy”

Thomas Rowland

Research Digest


Research Digest for Volume 18, Issue 4

Original Research


Physical Activity Patterns of Singaporean Adolescents

Kok Sonk Lee, Stewart G. Trost


An Analysis of Sport Identity as a Predictor of Children’s Participation in Sport

Patrick W. C. Lau, Kenneth R. Fox, Mike W.L. Cheung


The Relationship Between Fundamental Motor Skills and Outside-School Physical Activity of Elementary School Children

Lennart Raudsepp, Peep Päll


Reliability of Assessing Indices of Isokinetic Leg Strength in Pubertal Soccer Players

John Iga, Keith George, Adrian Lees, Thomas Reilly


Psychometric Properties of Two Systematic Observation Techniques for Assessing Physical Activity Levels in Children with Mental Retardation

Christina Taylor, Joonkoo Yun


Elbow Flexor Strength, Muscle Size, and Moment Arms in Prepubertal Boys and Girls

Louise Wood, Sharon J. Dixon, Chris Grant, Neil Armstrong


Effect of Carbohydrate Intake During Wrestling Practice on Upper-Body Work in Adolescents

Craig A. Horswill, Dave G. Curby, William Bartoli, John R. Stofan, Robert Murray


Monitoring of Physical Activity in Young Children: How Much Is Enough?

Victoria Penpraze, John J. Reilly, Christina MacLean, Colette Montgomery, Louise Kelly, James Y. Paton, Thomas Aitchison, Stan Grant


Student and Parent Self-Reported Changes in Physical Activity Behavior While Wearing an Unsealed Pedometer

Michael W. Beets, Arissa Eilert, Kenneth H. Pitetti, John T. Foley

Guest Reviewers


Guest Reviewers for Volume 18, Issue 4

Author Index


Author Index for Volume 18, Issue 4