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Relating Metabolic Rate to Body Size, Cont'd: The Fascinating World of Fractals

2007, 19, 245 – 251
Thomas Rowland

Review Articles


Accelerometer Assessment of Physical Activity in Children: An Update

2007, 19, 252 – 266
Ann V. Rowlands

Original Research


The Effect of Age on Physical Fitness of Deaf Elementary School Children

2007, 19, 267 – 278
Esther Hartman, Chris Visscher, Suzanne Houwen


Leisure Time Physical Activity, Screen Time, Social Background, and Environmental Variables in Adolescents

2007, 19, 279 – 290
Jorge Mota, Helena Gomes, Mariana Almeida, José Carlos Ribeiro, Maria Paula Santos


Comparative Validity Assessment of Five Activity Monitors: Does Being a Child Matter?

2007, 19, 291 – 309
Michelle R. Stone, Dale W. Esliger, Mark S. Tremblay


Agreement Between Student-Reported and Proxy-Reported Physical Activity Questionnaires

2007, 19, 310 – 318
Marsha Dowda, Russell R. Pate, James F. Sallis, Patty S. Freedson, Wendell C. Taylor, John R. Sirard, Stewart G. Trost,


Muscle Function in Saudi Children and Adolescents: Relationship to Anthropometric Characteristics During Growth

2007, 19, 319 – 333
Khalid S. Almuzaini,


Energy Expended Playing Video Console Games: An Opportunity to Increase Children's Physical Activity?

2007, 19, 334 – 343
Ralph Maddison, Cliona Ni Mhurchu, Andrew Jull, Yannan Jiang, Harry Prapavessis, Anthony Rodgers,


Exercise Evaluation of Upper- Versus Lower-Extremity Blood Pressure Gradients in Pediatric and Young-Adult Participants

2007, 19, 344 – 348
Sandra K. Knecht, Wayne A. Mays, Yvette M. Gerdes, Randal P. Claytor, Timothy K. Knilans,


The Efficacy of Exercise as an Intervention to Treat Recurrent Nonspecific Low Back Pain in Adolescents

2007, 19, 349 – 359
Michelle A. Jones, Gareth Stratton, Tom Reilly,

Research Digest


Research Digest

2007, 19, 360 – 367