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Reductionist Versus Systems Biology: A Genetic Standoff

2008, 20, 117 – 120
Thomas Rowland

Original Research


Sweat Electrolyte Loss in Asthmatic Children During Exercise in the Heat

2008, 20, 121 – 128
Orlando Laitano, Jocelito Martins, Rita Mattiello, Claudia Perrone, Gilberto Fischer, Flavia Meyer


 Acute Affective Responses to Prescribed and Self-Selected Exercise Intensities in Young Adolescent Boys and Girls

2008, 20, 129 – 141
Kate Sheppard, Gaynor Parfitt


Physical Self-Esteem of Adolescents With Regard to Physical Activity and Pubertal Status

2008, 20, 142 – 156
Atahan Altintas, F. Hülya Asci


Augmented Muscle VasodilatoryResponses in Obese Children WithGlu27 ß2-Adrenoceptor Polymorphism

2008, 20, 157 – 168
Alexandre G. da Silva, Mauricio M. Robeiro, Ivani C. Trombetta, Christiane Nicolau, Eliana Frazzatto, Isabel Guazzelli, Luciana N.J. Matos, Alfredo Halpern, Carlos E. Negrao, Sandra M.F. Villares


The Effect of Structured Exercise Classes and a Lifestyle Intervention on Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Primary Schoolchildren: An Exploratory* Trial (The A-CLASS Project)

2008, 20, 169 – 180
Jayne Henaghan, Nicola McWhannell, Lawrence Foweather, N. Tim Cable, Alan M. Batterham, Gareth Stratton, Keith P. George


Validation of the RT3 Accelerometer for Measuring Physical Activity of Children in Simulated Free-Living Conditions

2008, 20, 181 – 197
David Xiaoqian Sun, Gordon Schmidt, Sock Miang Teo-Koh


Race Differences in Activity, Fitness, and BMI in Female Eighth Graders Categorized by Sports Participation Status

2008, 20, 198 – 210
John R. Sirard, Karin A. Pfeiffer, Marsha Dowda, Russell R. Pate


Effects of Single-Leg Drop-Landing Exercise from Different Heights on Skeletal Adaptations in Prepubertal Girls: A Randomized Controlled Study

2008, 20, 211 – 228
Peter N. Wiebe, Nathalie Farpour-Lambert, Julie N. Briody, Damian Marsh, Allan Kemp, Chris Cowell, Robert Howman-Giles,

Review Articles


Review of Genetics and Pediatric Exercise Science

2008, 20, 229 – 239
Keith Tolfrey

Research Digest


Research Digest

2008, 20, 240 – 245