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Editor's Notes: Twenty Years of Pediatric Exercise Science, by the Numbers

2008, 20, 249 – 250
Thomas Rowland

Original Research


Longitudinal Stability of Sedentary Behaviors and Physical Activity During Early Adolescence

2008, 20, 251 – 262
Lennart Raudsepp, Inge Neissaar, Merike Kull


Asymmetry in Volume Between Dominant and Nondominant Upper Limbs in Young Tennis Players

2008, 20, 263 – 272
Isabelle Rogowski, Gaƫle Ducher, Olivier Brosseau, Christophe Hautier


The Relationship Between Pedometer Step Counts and Estimated VO2Max as Determined by a Submaximal Fitness Test in Adolescents

2008, 20, 273 – 284
David R. Lubans, Philip J. Morgan, Robin Callister, Clare E. Collins


Differences in Physical Activity Levels Between White and South Asian Children in the United Kingdom

2008, 20, 285 – 291
Michael J. Duncan, Lorayne Woodfield, Yahya Al-Nakeeb,


Effect of Relative Changes in Anthropometry During Childhood on Muscular Power Production in Pedaling: A Biomechanical Simulation

2008, 20, 292 – 304
Thomas Korff, Jody L. Jensen


An Algorithm for Identifying Physical Activity Patterns From Motion Data

2008, 20, 305 – 318
Karen B. Dorsey, Jeph Herrin, Harlan M. Krumholz


Sociocultural Correlates of Physical Activity in Children and Adolescents: Findings From the Danish Arm of the European Youth Heart Study

2008, 20, 319 – 332
Alison M. McMinn, Esther M.F. van Sluijs, Niels Wedderkopp, Karsten Froberg, Simon J. Griffin


Use of Session Rating of Perceived Exertion for Monitoring Resistance Exercise in Children Who Are Overweight or Obese

2008, 20, 333 – 341
Michael R. McGuigan, Abdulaziz Al Dayel, David Tod, Carl Foster, Robert U. Newton, Simone Pettigrew


Predicting Physical Activity Intention and Behavior in School-Age Children

2008, 20, 342 – 356
Louise Foley, Harry Prapavessis, Ralph Maddison, Shaunna Burke, Erin McGowan, LIsa Gillanders

Research Digest


Research Digest

2008, 20, 357 – 363