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The Envelopes, Please: The 2008 Billy Goats Gruff ACSM Abstract Awards

2008, 20, 365 – 369
Thomas Rowland

Review Articles


Exercise Provocation Test for Growth Hormone Secretion: Methodologic Considerations

2008, 20, 370 – 378
Alon Eliakim, Dan Nemet

Original Research


The Contribution of Stretch-Shortening Cycle and Arm-Swing to Vertical Jumping Performance in Children, Adolescents, and Adult Basketball Players

2008, 20, 379 – 389
Vasilios Gerodimos, Andreas Zafeiridis, Stefanos Perkos, Konstantina Dipla, Vasiliki Manou, Spiros Kellis


Aerobic Exercise Program Reduces Anger Expression Among Overweight Children

2008, 20, 390 – 401
Deborah Young-Hyman, Colleen A. Boyle, Catherine L. Davis


Lung Function Increases With Increasing Level of Physical Activity in School Children

2008, 20, 402 – 410
Sveinung Berntsen, Torbjorn Wisloff, Per Nafstad, Wenche Nystad


Impact of Curriculum-Based Bone Loading and Nutrition Education Program on Bone Accrual in Children

2008, 20, 411 – 425
David L. Nichols, Charlotte F. Sanborn, Eve V. Essery, Rachel A. Clark, Jennifer D. Letendre


Skin Microvascular Reactivity in Children and Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes in Relation to Levels of Physical Activity and Aerobic Fitness

2008, 20, 426 – 438
Denise M. Roche, Sarah Edmunds, Tim Cable, Mo Didi, Gareth Stratton


The System for Observing Fitness Instruction Time (SOFIT) as a Measure of Energy Expenditure During Classroom-Based Physical Activity

2008, 20, 439 – 445
Jeffrey J. Honas, Richard A. Washburn, Bryan K. Smith, Jerry L. Greene, Galen Cook-Wiens, Joseph E. Donnelly


Critical Hours: Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior of Adolescents After School

2008, 20, 446 – 456
Andrew J. Atkin, Trish Gorely, Stuart J.H. Biddle, Simon J. Marshall, Noel Cameron


Effect of Rest Interval Length on Bench Press Performance in Boys, Teens, and Men

2008, 20, 457 – 469
Avery D. Faigenbaum, Nicholas A. Ratamess, James McFarland, Jon Kaczmarek, Michael J. Corragio, Jie Kang, Jay R. Hoffman

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Recent Publications

2008, 20, 470 – 475

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2008, 20, 476 – 481