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In Memoriam


In Memoriam - Marco E. Cabrera

2009, 21, 125 – 126
Patricia A. Nixon,

Editor’s Notes


A Memorandum TO: Pediatric Exercise Scientists FROM: Marketing and Public Relations (MAPR) RE: Promotion of Pediatric Exercise Science

2009, 21, 127 – 129
Thomas Rowland,

Review Articles


Oxygen Uptake Kinetics in Children and Adolescents: A Review

2009, 21, 130 – 147
Neil Armstrong, Alan R. Barker,

Original Research


Effects of Group- and Individual-Based Step Goals on Children’s Physical Activity Levels in School

2009, 21, 148 – 158
Minsoo Kang, Thomas M. Brinthaupt,


Effects of Exercise Mode on the Oxygen Uptake Kinetic Response to Severe-Intensity Exercise in Prepubertal Children

2009, 21, 159 – 170
Fabiana A. Machado, Luiz Guilherme Antonacci Guglielmo, Camila C. Greco, Benedito S. Denadai


Modifying Middle School Physical Education: Piloting Strategies to Increase Physical Activity

2009, 21, 171 – 185
Robert G. McMurray, Stan Bassin, Laura Pyle, Steve Bruecker, John M. Jakicic, Esther Moe, Tinker D Murray, Stella L. Volpe,


Physical Fitness and Developmental Coordination Disorder in Greek Children

2009, 21, 186 – 195
Georgia D. Tsiotra, Alan M. Nevill, Andrew M. Lane, Yiannis Koutedakis,


Factors Related to Objectively Measured Physical Activity in Preschool Children

2009, 21, 196 – 208
Karin A. Pfeiffer, Marsha Dowda, Kerry L. McIver, Russell R. Pate


Personal Characteristics and Demographic Factors Associated With Objectively Measured Physical Activity in Children Attending Preschool

2009, 21, 209 – 219
Anders Grøntved, Grete Scott Pedersen, Lars Bo Andersen, Peter L. Kristensen, Neils Christian Moller, Karsten Froberg


Allometric Associations Between Body Size, Shape, and Physical Performance of Greek Children

2009, 21, 220 – 232
Alan M. Nevill, Georgia D. Tsiotra, Panagiotis Tsimeas, Yiannis Koutedakis


Association of Perceived Environmental Characteristics and Participation in Organized and Non-Organized Physical Activities of Adolescents

2009, 21, 233 – 239
Jorge Mota, Marta Almeida, Rute Maria Santos, José Carlos Ribeiro, Maria Paula Santos

Research Digest


Research Digest

2009, 21, 240 – 246