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Research Digest—The Underground Version

373 – 376
Thomas Rowland

Original Research


Physical Activity Assessed by Accelerometry in Rural African School-age Children and Adolescents

384 – 399
António Prista, Leonardo Nhantumbo, Silvio Saranga, Vítor P. Lopes, João Vinagre, Carole A. Conn, Gaston Beunen


Assessing Physical Activity Preferences in Latino and White Preadolescents

400 – 412
Norma Olvera, Kendall E. McCarley, Patrick Leung, Jessica McLeod, Augusto X. Rodriguez


Preschool Children Physical Activity Measurement: Importance of Epoch Length Choice

413 – 420
Susana Vale, Pedro Silva, Luísa Soares-Miranda, Jorge Mota


Examination of Physical Activity in Adolescents Over the School Year

421 – 435
Mark W. Bruner, Karen E. Chad, Tanya C. Verrall, Lan Vu, Jodie A. Beattie-Flath, Louise Humbert, Nazeem Muhajarine


Relationships Between Fundamental Movement Skills and Objectively Measured Physical Activity in Preschool Children

436 – 449
Dylan P. Cliff, Anthony D. Okely, Leif M. Smith, Kim McKeen


The Association Between Distance to School, Physical Activity, and Sedentary Behaviors in Adolescents: Project STIL

450 – 461
Trish Gorely, Stuart Biddle, Simon Marshall, Noel Cameron, Louise Cassey


Secular Trends in Youth Physical Activity and Parents’ Socioeconomic Status From 1977 to 2005

462 – 474
Risto Telama, Heimo Nupponen, Lauri Laakso, Lasse Pere, Arja Rimpelä


Coaching Behaviors, Motivational Climate, and Psychosocial Outcomes Among Female Adolescent Athletes

475 – 492
Maureen R. Weiss, Anthony J. Amorose, Anna Marie Wilko


Predicting Maximal Lactate Steady State in Children and Adults

493 – 505
Ralph Beneke, Hermann Heck, Helge Hebestreit,


Development and Evaluation of a Novel Computer-Based Tool for Assessing Physical Activity Levels in Schoolchildren

506 – 519
Sally A. McLure, John J. Reilly, Sean Crooks, Carolyn D. Summerbell


The Association Between Walking to School, Daily Step Counts and Meeting Step Targets in 5- to 17-Year-Old Australian Children

520 – 532
Rebecca A. Abbott, Doune Macdonald, Smita Nambiar, Peter S.W. Davies



What Do We Really Know About Children’s Ability to Perceive Exertion? Time to Consider the Bigger Picture

377 – 383
Roger Eston