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Research Digest—The Underground Version

2009, 21, 373 – 376
Thomas Rowland



What Do We Really Know About Children’s Ability to Perceive Exertion? Time to Consider the Bigger Picture

2009, 21, 377 – 383
Roger Eston

Original Research


Physical Activity Assessed by Accelerometry in Rural African School-age Children and Adolescents

2009, 21, 384 – 399
António Prista, Leonardo Nhantumbo, Silvio Saranga, Vítor P. Lopes, Jose A. Maia, André Seabra, João Vinagre, Carole A. Conn, Gaston Beunen


Assessing Physical Activity Preferences in Latino and White Preadolescents

2009, 21, 400 – 412
Kendall E. McCarley, Patrick Leung, Jessica McLeod, Augusto X. Rodriguez,


Preschool Children Physical Activity Measurement: Importance of Epoch Length Choice

2009, 21, 413 – 420
Susana Vale, Rute Maria Santos, Pedro Silva, Luísa Soares-Miranda, Jorge Mota


Examination of Physical Activity in Adolescents Over the School Year

2009, 21, 421 – 435
Mark W. Bruner, Karen E. Chad, Tanya C. Verrall, Lan Vu, Jodie A. Beattie-Flath, Louise Humbert, Nazeem Muhajarine


Relationships Between Fundamental Movement Skills and Objectively Measured Physical Activity in Preschool Children

2009, 21, 436 – 449
Dylan P. Cliff, Anthony D. Okely, Leif M. Smith, Kim McKeen


The Association Between Distance to School, Physical Activity, and Sedentary Behaviors in Adolescents: Project STIL

2009, 21, 450 – 461
Trish Gorely, Stuart Biddle, Simon Marshall, Noel Cameron, Louise Cassey


Secular Trends in Youth Physical Activity and Parents’ Socioeconomic Status From 1977 to 2005

2009, 21, 462 – 474
Risto Telama, Heimo Nupponen, Lauri Laakso, Lasse Pere, Arja Rimpelä


Coaching Behaviors, Motivational Climate, and Psychosocial Outcomes Among Female Adolescent Athletes

2009, 21, 475 – 492
Maureen R. Weiss, Anthony J. Amorose, Anna Marie Wilko


Predicting Maximal Lactate Steady State in Children and Adults

2009, 21, 493 – 505
Ralph Beneke, Hermann Heck, Helge Hebestreit, Renate M. Leithäuser


Development and Evaluation of a Novel Computer-Based Tool for Assessing Physical Activity Levels in Schoolchildren

2009, 21, 506 – 519
Sally A. McLure, John J. Reilly, Sean Crooks, Carolyn D. Summerbell


The Association Between Walking to School, Daily Step Counts and Meeting Step Targets in 5- to 17-Year-Old Australian Children

2009, 21, 520 – 532
Rebecca A. Abbott, Doune Macdonald, Smita Nambiar, Peter S.W. Davies