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In Defense of Plagiarism (Sort of. . . )

1 – 6
Thomas Rowland

Review Articles


Use of Active Video Games to Increase Physical Activity in Children: A (Virtual) Reality

7 – 20
Louise Foley, Ralph Maddison

Original Research


Skeletal Benefits of Pre-Menarcheal Gymnastics Are Retained After Activity Cessation

21 – 33
Tamara Scerpella, Jodi N. Dowthwaite, Nicole Gero, Jill Kanaley, Robert J. Ploutz-Snyder


The Validity of a Computerized Use of Time Recall, the Multimedia Activity Recall for Children and Adolescents

34 – 43
Kate Ridley, James Dollman, Carol A. Maher


The Assessment of Physical Activity and Nutrition in Home Schooled Versus Public Schooled Children

44 – 69
Douglas E. Long, Lisa M. Gaetke, Stephen D. Perry, Mark Abel, Jody L. Clasey


Effect of Wrestling Exercise on Oxidative DNA Damage, Nitric Oxide Level and Paraoxonase Activity in Adolescent Boys

60 – 68
Zuhal Hamurcu, Nazmi Saritas, Gulden Baskol, Nese Akpinar


Longitudinal Changes in the Oxygen Uptake Kinetic Response to Heavy-Intensity Exercise in 14- to 16-Year-Old Boys

69 – 80
Brynmor C. Breese, Craig A. Williams, Alan R. Barker, Joanne R. Welsman, Samantha G. Fawkner, Neil Armstrong


Seasonal Variation in Physical Activity Among Children and Adolescents: A Review

81 – 92
Valerie Carson, John C. Spence


Paraoxonase Activity in Athletic Adolescents

93 – 104
Alpay Cakmak, Dost Zeyrek, Ali Atas, Ozcan Erel


Activity-Related Parenting Practices and Children's Objectively Measured Physical Activity

105 – 113
Charlotte L. Edwardson, Trish Gorely


Physical Characteristics and Physiological Attributes of Adolescent Volleyball Players--A Review

114 – 134
Ronnie Lidor, Gal Ziv


A Multivariate Analysis of Performance in Young Swimmers

135 – 151
José M. Saavedra, Yolanda Escalante, Ferran A. Rodríguez


Medial Gastrocnemius Architectural Properties During Isometric Contractions in Boys and Men

152 – 164
Theodoros Kannas, Eleftherios Kellis, Fotini Arampatzi, Eduardo Saez Saez de Villarreal