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On Avoiding Rejection, Revisited

173 – 175
Thomas Rowland

Original Research


Television Viewing and Changes in Body Mass Index and Cardiorespiratory Fitness Over a Two-Year Period in Schoolchildren

245 – 253
Jorge Mota, José Carlos Ribeiro, Maria Paula Santos,


Habitual Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity Is Inversely Associated With Insulin Resistance in Canadian First Nations Youth

254 – 265
Catherine A. Gaul,


Influence of Recovery Time on Warm-up Effects in Male Adolescent Athletes

266 – 277
Avery D. Faigenbaum, Nicholas A. Ratamess, Jie Kang, Jay R. Hoffman


Performance of Young Male Swimmers in the 100-Meters Front Crawl

278 – 287


Pedometer Step Guidelines in Relation to Weight Status Among 5- to 16-Year-Old Australians

288 – 300
James Dollman,


ACE I/D Genotype, Habitual Physical Activity, and Blood Pressure in Children

301 – 313
Joey C. Eisenmann, Gregory J. Welk, Kate A. Heelan

Commentary Cale


Advancing the Debate on 'Fitness Testing' for Children: Perhaps We're Riding the Wrong Animal

176 – 182
Meghann Lloyd, Rachel C. Colley, Mark S. Tremblay

Original Research


Reproducibility of Measurement of Muscle Deoxygenation in Children During Exercise

183 – 194
Erwan Leclair, Delphine Thevenet, Sophie C. Reguem, Benoit Borel, Georges Baquet, Serge Berthoin, Patrick Mucci


The Relationships Between Leptin and Measures of Fitness and Fatness Are Dependent Upon Obesity Status in Youth

195 – 204
Peter A. Hosick, Robert G. McMurray, Dan M. Cooper


Neuromuscular Differences Between Men and Prepubescent Boys During a Peak Isometric Knee Extension Intermittent Fatigue Test

205 – 217
Vasilios Armatas, Eleni Bassa, Dimitrios Patikas, Ilias Kitsas, Georgios Zangelidis, Christos Kotzamanidis


Reliability and Validity of a School Recess Physical Activity Recall in Spanish Youth

218 – 230
David Martinez-Gomez, M. Andres Calabro, Gregory J. Welk, Ascension Marcos, Oscar L. Veiga


Tracking Adiposity and Health-Related Physical Fitness Test Performances From Early Childhood Through Elementary School

231 – 244
Cathy S. McMillan, Loran D. Erdmann