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Influence of Physical Activity and Fitness on Coronary Risk Factors in Children: How Strong an Argument?

189 – 191
Thomas W. Rowland

Research Digest


Research Digest

192 – 197

Review Articles


Children and Exercise

271 – 272
Teresa L. Tomassoni

Original Research


Psychological Predictors of State Anxiety and Performance in Age-Group Wrestlers

198 – 208
Daniel Gould, Robert C. Eklund, Linda Petlichkoff, Kirsten Peterson, Linda Bump


Exercise Intensity Reproduction: Children Versus Adults

209 – 218
Dianne S. Ward, Julie D. Jackman, Floyd J. Galiano


Cardiopulmonary Fitness, Physical Activity Patterns, and Selected Coronary Risk Factor Variables in 11- to 16-Year-Olds

219 – 228
Neil Armstrong, Joanne Williams, John Balding, Peter Gentle, Brian J. Kirby


The Accuracy of Children's Counting of Exercise Heart Rates

229 – 237
Richard W. Best, Mary A. Steinhardt


Validity of Anthropometry and Bioimpedance With 4- to 8-Year-Olds Using Total Body Water as the Criterion

238 – 249
Mollie G. DeLozier, Bernard Gutin, Jack Wang, Charles Basch, Isobel Contento, Steven Shea, Matilde Irigoyen, Patricia Zybert, Jill Rips, Richard Pierson


Validity and Reliability of Predicting Maximum Oxygen Uptake via Field Tests in Children and Adolescents

250 – 255
Michael J. Buono, Julia J. Roby, Frank G. Micale, James F. Sallis, W. Elizabeth Shepard


Can the Point of Deflection From Linearity of Heart Rate Determine Ventilatory Threshold in Children?

256 – 262
Anthony D. Mahon, Paul Vaccaro


Syncope During Athletic Participation: A Diagnostic Case Study

263 – 270
Thomas W. Rowland, Richard C. McFaul, David A. Burton