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Performance Fitness in Children as a Model for Fatigue, Or, What Good Is Allometry, Anyway?

1 – 4
Thomas Rowland

Research Digest


Research Digest

5 – 11

Original Research


Allometric Scaling Factors for Oxygen Uptake During Exercise in Children

12 – 25
Danette M. Rogers, Kenneth R. Turley, Kathleen I. Kujawa, Kevin M. Harper, Jack H. Wilmore


The Physical Activity of Singapore Primary School Children as Estimated by Heart Rate Monitoring

26 – 35
Helen Gilbey, Malcolm Gilbey


All in the Family: Parent-Child Influences in Competitive Youth Gymnastics

36 – 48
Maureen R. Weiss, Carl T. Hayashi


Maximal Treadmill Versus Cycle Ergometry Testing in Children: Differences, Reliability, and Variability of Responses

49 – 60
Kenneth R. Turley, Danette M. Rogers, Kevin M. Harper, Kathleen I. Kujawa, Jack H. Wilmore


Comparison of Isometric Test Procedures to Assess Muscular Strength in Elementary School Girls

61 – 68
Frank E. Seagraves,


The Reliability and Validity of the 20-Meter Shuttle Test as a Predictor of Peak Oxygen Uptake in Edinburgh School Children, Age 13 to 14 Years

69 – 79
Susan K. McVeigh, Andrew C. Payne, Shona Scott


Bone Mineral and Muscle Strength Characteristics in Children With Turner Syndrome

80 – 93
Jennifer M. Dent, Colin E. Webber, Angus B. McMillan, Rhona M. Hanning


Use of Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) to Prescribe Exercise intensity for Wheelchair-Bound Children and Adults

94 – 101
Dianne S. Ward, Oded Bar-Or, Patti Longmuir, Patti Longmuir, Karen Smith

NASPEM Abstracts


NASPEM Abstracts

102 – 112

Guest Reviewers


Handbook of Pediatric Nutrition

113 – 114
Ralph K.L. Rogers, Paul Vaccaro

Reader Feedback


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