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The Calvin Coolidge 2010 ACSM Abstract Awards

2010, 22, 493 – 496
Thomas Rowland

Original Research


Is the Relationship Between Sprinting and Maximal Aerobic Speeds in Young Soccer Players Affected by Maturation?

2010, 22, 497 – 510
Alberto Mendez-Villanueva, Martin Buchheit, Sami Kuitunen, Tsz Kit Poon, Ben M. Simpson, Esa Peltola


Effects of a School-Based Physical Activity Program on Physical and Psychosocial Quality of Life in Elementary School Children: A Cluster-Randomized Trial

2010, 22, 511 – 522
Tim Hartmann, Lukas Zahner, Uwe Pühse, Jardena J. Puder, Susi Kriemler


Difference Between Self-Reported and Accelerometer Measured Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity in Youth

2010, 22, 523 – 534
Allana G.W. LeBlanc, Ian Janssen


The Effect of Active Video Gaming on Children's Physical Activity, Behavior Preferences, and Body Composition

2010, 22, 535 – 546
Lee E.F. Graves, Nicola Diane Ridgers, Greg Atkinson, Gareth Stratton


Plyometric Training Does Not Affect Central and Peripheral Muscle Fatigue Differently in Prepubertal Girls and Boys

2010, 22, 547 – 556
Albertas Skurvydas, Marius Brazaitis


Lower Relative Bone Material Content in Obese Adolescents: Role of Non-Weight Bearing Exercise

2010, 22, 557 – 568
Danielle L. Templeton, Aaron S. Kelly, Julia Steinberger, Donald R. Dengel


Energy Expenditure and Perceived Effort During Brisk Walking and Running in 8- to 10-Year-Old Children

2010, 22, 569 – 580
Paul Ford, Richard Bailey, Damian Coleman, Daniel Stretch, Edward Winter, Kate Woolf-May, Ian Swaine


Measurement of Walking Activity Throughout Childhood: Influence of Leg Length

2010, 22, 581 – 595
Kristie Bjornson, Kit Song, Jennifer Lisle, Sarah Robinson, Elizabeth Killien, Terry Barrett, Chuan Zhou


Size and Maturity Mismatch in Youth Soccer Players 11- to 14-Years-Old

2010, 22, 596 – 612
António B. Figueiredo, Manuel J. Coelho e Silva, Sean P. Cumming, Robert M. Malina

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