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Examining Influences on Boys' and Girls' Physical Activity Patterns: The A-CLASS Project 

2010, 22, 638 – 650

Understanding children’s physical activity (PA) patterns and the factors that may influence PA are important for developing interventions within this population. One hundred and ten children aged 9–0 years from 8 schools had their PA patterns assessed over 7 days. Physiological and self-report data were also collected. Multilevel analyses revealed that cardiorespiratory fitness was a consistent, significant and positive predictor of weekday and weekend PA, while the availability of home sedentary activities was a significant but negative predictor of PA. Since a range of variables were associated with PA levels, intervention developers should be cognizant of variables that may influence children’s activity.

Authors: Nicola Diane Ridgers, Lee E.F. Graves, Lawrence Foweather, Gareth Stratton

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