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In Memoriam


Gaston P. Beunen 1945-2011

437 – 438
Robert M. Malina

Editor’s Notes


On Scientific Truth and Evidence-Based Practice

439 – 441
Thomas Rowland

Review Article


Assessing Youth Sprint Ability-Methodological Issues, Reliability and Performance Data

442 – 467
John B. Cronin, Jon L. Oliver, Michael Hughes

Original Research


Objective Measurement of Habitual Sedentary Behavior in Pre-School Children: Comparison of activPAL With Actigraph Monitors

468 – 476
Anne Martin, Mhairi McNeill, Victoria Penpraze, Philippa M. Dall, Malcolm Granat, James Y. Paton, John J. Reilly


Correlations Between High Level Sport-Climbing and the Development of Adolescents

477 – 486
Isabelle Schöffl, Volker Schöffl, J. Dotsch, H.G. Dorr, J. Jungert


Home, School, and Neighborhood Environment Factors and Youth Physical Activity

487 – 503
Rachel A. Millstein, Joe Strobel, Jacqueline Kerr, James F. Sallis, Gregory J. Norman, Nefertiti Durant, Sion Harris, Brian E. Saelens


Multivariate Association Among Morphology, Fitness, and Motor Coordination Characteristics in Boys Age 7 to 11

504 – 520
Joric B. Vandendriessche, Barbara F.R. Vandorpe, Manuel J. Coelho e Silva, Roel Vaeyens, Matthieu Lenoir, Johan Lefevre, Renaat M. Philippaerts


Intrapersonal, Behavioral, and Environmental Factors Associated With Meeting Recommended Physical Activity Among Rural Latino Youth

521 – 536
Cynthia K. Perry, Brian E. Saelens, Beti Thompson


Multidimensional Performance Characteristics in Talented Male Youth Volleyball Players

537 – 548
Alar Rikberg, Lennart Raudsepp


Feasibility and Reliability of a Repeated Sprint Test in Children Age 6 to 8 Years

549 – 559
Abdou Temfemo, Thierry Lelard, Christopher Carling, Samuel Honore Mandengue, Mehdi Chlif, Said Ahmaidi

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