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PES Volume 27, Issue 3, August



The Common Fund Initiative and Its Implication for Advancing Exercise and Physical Activity Research in Child Health

2015, 27, 297 – 300
Dan M. Cooper, Shlomit Radom-Aizik



Physical Fitness Testing in Youth Soccer: Issues and Considerations Regarding Reliability, Validity, and Sensitivity

2015, 27, 301 – 313
Darren J. Paul, George P. Nassis


Interventions to Increase Physical Activity in Children Aged 2-5 Years: A Systematic Review

2015, 27, 314 – 333
Jiying Ling, Lorraine B. Robbins, Fujun Wen, Wei Peng

Original Research


Effect of Age, Sex, and Race Distance on Front Crawl Stroke Parameters in Subelite Adolescent Swimmers During Competition

2015, 27, 334 – 344
Shilo J. Dormehl, Conor Osborough


Muscular Strength and Power in 3- to 7-Year-Old Children

2015, 27, 345 – 354
Andrew C. Fry, Carol C. Irwin, Justin X. Nicoll, David E. Ferebee


High Carbohydrate Diet Induces Faster Final Sprint and Overall 10,000-m Times of Young Runners

2015, 27, 355 – 363
Patricia Guimaraes Couto, Romulo Bertuzzi, Carla Caroline de Souza, Hessel Marani Lima, Maria Augusta Peduti Dal Molin Kiss, Fernando Roberto De-Oliveira, Adriano Eduardo Lima-Silva


The Relationship Between Physical Activity and the Metabolic Syndrome Score in Children

2015, 27, 364 – 371
Katrina D. DuBose, Andrew J. McKune, Patricia Brophy, Gabriel Geyer, Robert C. Hickner


Correlates of Physical Activity in Latino Preschool Children Attending Head Start

2015, 27, 372 – 379
Elizabeth E. Dawson-Hahn, Megan D. Fesinmeyer, Jason A. Mendoza


Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior: Independent Associations With Body Composition Variables in Brazilian Children

2015, 27, 380 – 389
Gerson Luis de Moraes Ferrari, Luis Carlos Oliveira, Timoteo Leandro Araujo, Victor Matsudo, Tiago V. Barreira, Catrine Tudor-Locke, Peter Katzmarzyk


The Relationship Between Parental Physical Activity and Screen Time Behaviors and the Behaviors of Their Young Children

2015, 27, 390 – 395
Ian Janssen, Jodie Stearns, Valerie Carson


Cross-Validation of Single-Stage Treadmill Tests for Predicting Aerobic Fitness in Adolescents with Type I Diabetes

2015, 27, 396 – 403
Shelby L. Francis, Ajay Singhvi, Eva Tsalikian, Michael J. Tansey, Kathleen Janz


Cross-Validation of Aerobic Capacity Prediction Models in Adolescents

2015, 27, 404 – 411
Ryan D. Burns, James C. Hannon, Timothy A. Brusseau, Patricia A. Eisenman, Pedro F. Saint-Maurice, Greg J. Welk, Matthew T. Mahar


Use of Oxygen Pulse in Predicting Doppler-Derived Maximal Stroke Volume in Adolescents

2015, 27, 412 – 418 ... Corrected October 14, 2015—see last page.
Viswanath Unnithan, Thomas W. Rowland


Reliability of the Spatiotemporal Determinants of Maximal Sprint Speed in Adolescent Boys Over Single and Multiple Steps

2015, 27, 419 – 426
Robert W. Meyers, Jon L. Oliver, Michael G. Hughes, Rhodri S. Lloyd, John Cronin



Erratum for the article by Groussard et al. in PES 27(1)

2015, 27, 428


Call for Papers: Trainability of Young Athletes Special Issue