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PES Volume 26, Issue 1, February

Editor’s Note


We Have Grown

2014, 26, 1 – 2
Bareket Falk



Application of Stable Isotope Tracers in the Study of Exercise Metabolism in Children: A Primer

2014, 26, 3 – 10
Anthony D. Mahon, Brian W. Timmons

Original Research


Changes in Physical Fitness and Sports Participation Among Children With Different Levels of Motor Competence: A 2-Year Longitudinal Study

2014, 26, 11 – 21
Job Fransen, Dieter Deprez, Johan Pion, Isabel B. Tallir, Eva D'Hondt, Roel Vaeyens, Matthieu Lenoir, Renaat M. Philippaerts


Short-Term Lower-Body Plyometric Training Improves Whole-Body BMC, Bone Metabolic Markers, and Physical Fitness in Early Pubertal Male Basketball Players

2014, 26, 22 – 32
Anis Zribi, Mohamed Zouch, Hamada Chaari, Elyes Bouajina, Hela Ben Nasr, Monia Zaouali, Zouhair Tabka


The Relationship Between Impact Force, Neck Strength, and Neurocognitive Performance in Soccer Heading in Adolescent Females

2014, 26, 33 – 40
Gregory M. Gutierrez, Catherine Conte, Kristian Lightbourne


Adjustment of Measures of Strength and Power in Youth Male Athletes Differing in Body Mass and Maturation

2014, 26, 41 – 48
Cesar Marius Meylan, John Cronin, Will G. Hopkins, Jonathan Oliver


Oxygen Uptake and Energy Expenditure for Children During Rock Climbing Activity

2014, 26, 49 – 55
Phillip Baxter Watts, Megan L. Ostrowski


Cardiorespiratory and Muscular Responses to Simulated Upwind Sailing Exercise in Optimist Sailors

2014, 26, 56 – 63
Margot Callewaert, Jan Boone, Bert Celie, Dirk De Clercq, Jan G. Bourgois


Vitamin D Concentrations and Physical Performance in Competitive Adolescent Swimmers

2014, 26, 64 – 70
Gal Dubnov-Raz, Netachen Livne, Raanan Raz, Daniel Rogel, Avner H. Cohen, Naama W. Constantini


Acute Effects of Sled Towing on Sprint Time in Male Youth of Different Maturity Status

2014, 26, 71 – 75
Michael Clemens Rumpf, John Barry Cronin, Ikhwan Nur Mohamad, Sharil Mohamad, Jonathan Oliver, Michael Hughes


Association Between Accelerometer-Measured Physical Activity Intensities and Sedentary Time in 8- to 10-Year-Old Children

2014, 26, 76 – 85
Katya M. Herman, Gilles Paradis, Marie-Eve Mathieu, Jennifer O’Loughlin, Angelo Tremblay, Marie Lambert


Direct and Indirect Effects of Social Support on Youth Physical Activity Behavior

2014, 26, 86 – 94
Pedro Silva, Ryan Lott, Jorge Mota, Greg Welk


Patterns of Sedentary Behavior and Weight Status Among Children

2014, 26, 95 – 102
Valerie Carson, Michelle Stone, Guy Faulkner


Assessing Preschool Children’s Physical Activity: How Many Days of Accelerometry Measurement

Cheryl L. Addy, Jennifer L. Trilk, Marsha Dowda, Won Byun, Russell R. Pate


Validation of activPAL Defined Sedentary Time and Breaks in Sedentary Time in 4- to 6-Year-Olds

2014, 26, 110 – 117
Xanne Janssen, Dylan P. Cliff, John J. Reilly, Trina Hinkley, Rachel A. Jones, Marijka Batterham, Ulf Ekelund, Søren Brage, Anthony D. Okely



All Submitted 2013 Reviewers

2014, 26, 118


Call for Papers for a Special Issue of PES: Endocrinology and Pediatric Exercise Science

2014, 26, 119


Erratum for the article by Taverno et al. in PES 25(2)

2014, 26, 120