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PES Volume 26, Issue 2, May



Physical Activity for Weight Loss In Children: Is There Any Compensatory Mechanism?

2014, 26, 121 – 123
David Thivel, Pascale Duché


Best Practice Recommendations for Prevention of Sudden Death in Secondary School Athletes: An Update

2014, 26, 124 – 126
Riana R. Pryor, Robert A. Huggins, Douglas J. Casa



Acute Exercise and Postprandial Lipemia in Young People

2014, 26, 127 – 137
Keith Tolfrey, Alice Emily Thackray, Laura Ann Barrett


The Relation of Childhood Physical Activity and Aerobic Fitness to Brain Function and Cognition: A Review

2014, 26, 138 – 146
Naiman A. Khan, Charles H. Hillman


The Effect of Physical Training on Heart Rate Variability in Healthy Children: A Systematic Review With Meta-Analysis

2014, 26, 147 – 158
Carla Cristiane da Silva, Ligia Maxwell Pereira, Jefferson Rosa Cardoso, Jonathan Patrick Moore, Fábio Yuzo Nakamura

Original Research


The Association Between Pregame Snacks and Exercise Intensity, Stress, and Fatigue in Children

2014, 26, 159 – 167
Jennifer M. Sacheck, Helen M. Rasmussen, Meghan M. Hall, Tamar Kafka, Jeffrey B. Blumberg, Christina D. Economos


Caffeine Supplementation and Reactive Agility in Elite Youth Soccer Players

2014, 26, 168 – 176
J. Bradley Jordan, Ajit Korgaokar, Richard S. Farley, John M. Coons, Jennifer L. Caputo


Effect of Beverage Flavor on Body Hydration in Hong Kong Chinese Children Exercising in a Hot Environment

2014, 26, 177 – 186
Stephen Heung-Sang Wong, Feng-Hua Sun


The Post-Activation Potentiation Effect on Squat Jump Performance: Age and Sex Effect

2014, 26, 187 – 194
Fotini Arabatzi, Dimitrios Patikas, Andreas Zafeiridis, Konstantinos Giavroudis, Theodoros Kannas, Vassilios Gourgoulis, Christos M. Kotzamanidis


Psychophysiological Responses to Overloading and Tapering Phases in Elite Young Soccer Players

2014, 26, 195 – 202
Camila G. Freitas, Marcelo S. Aoki, Clovis A. Franciscon, Ademir F.S. Arruda, Christopher Carling, Alexandre Moreira


Assessing Physical Activity During Youth Sport: The Observational System for Recording Activity in Children: Youth Sports

2014, 26, 203 – 209
Alysia Cohen, Samantha McDonald, Kerry McIver, Russell Pate, Stewart Trost


Two Protocols to Measure Mitochondrial Capacity in Women and Adolescent Girls: A 31P-MRS Preliminary Study

2014, 26, 210 – 217
Rebecca Jane Willcocks, Jon Fulford, Alan Robert Barker, Neil Armstrong, Craig Anthony Williams