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Martial Arts: Their Impact upon University Intramural and Recreation Programs

4 – 7
Mark D. Grabiner


Leadership Is Everybody's Business: Insights Into Sport Situations

8 – 17
Robert L. Boucher


Leadership Development Through Intramural Sports

18 – 22
Lou Fabian, Marilyn Ross, Dave Sims


Management: What's Your Style?

23 – 25
Jennifer Sue Oatey


Ethical Guidelines for Intramural Participants

26 – 30
Richard Zerneck


The "Tapped Out Syndromeā€¯ - To Leave or Remain

31 – 33
Eric L.C. Stein, James R. Pope, Jr., James R. Pope, Jr.


A Recreationally-Oriented Health and Fitness Center at Florida International University

51 – 53
Gary Montour, John Pedersen


Eye Injuries: Always Serious

54 – 55
Mike LaBonne


Injury Liability Within Our Schools: Can It Affect You?

55 – 58
Neal J. Reiner


Sports Liability Control

58 – 60
Kenneth S. Clarke


The Development of a Natural Sport That Everyone Can Play

61 – 63
Nick Gugliotti


Financing and Budgeting an Intramural Program

34 – 38
Lisa Rowley


Quiz - Playing In Sports: Can It Banish Your "Blues"?

John E. Gibson


Whistling While You Work (Part II of a 2-part Article)

39 – 42
Julia Quick


A Biased Essay on the "Proper Ingredients of Golf Course Design"

43 – 46
Timothy Carson, David O Matthews


Effecting Security of Facilities (Part Two of a two-part article)

47 – 48
James K. Zahn, Tony Neu


A Computerized Entry System to Control Access to Your Recreation Facilitv

49 – 50
William C. Bleyer

Editor's Corner


Principles Governing the Operation of Intramural-Recreation Sports Programs in Higher Education Institutions

2 – 3
Allan Sapora, Helga Deutsch, David O Matthews

Original Research


Thesis Abstract

Michael T. Moore


Thesis Abstract

63 – 67
Dennis J. Gearou