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Student Awareness of University Adventure Programs: Understanding Motivations and Constraints

2014, 38, 104 – 117


Participation rates among college students in adventure programs (AP) have been problematic in recent years. While AP managers focus on the quality of programs offered to students, little effort has addressed reducing constraints to participation, improving program offerings, and effectively marketing AP at colleges and universities. The purpose of this investigation was to identify the constraints and motivations to AP participation. A survey was administered to 193 college students. Overall, respondents were motivated to participate in outdoor recreation activities that included males wanting to observe others, teach others, and experience thrills, while females wanted to be with companions and to receive physical and emotional benefits. Even though both males and females identified lack of time and money as major constraints, they also identified stress and demands of life as constraints. To enhance participation, AP managers need to emphasize the physical and psychological benefits that can potentially reduce stress.

Keywords: recreation participation, gender preferences, market analysis

Authors: Joseph P. Flood, Christopher Parker

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