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Submission Guidelines

Manuscript Type

As outlined in the Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly (APAQ) Editorial Mission page, the journal accepts four major types of papers: Viewpoint, Literature Review, Empirical Research and Application. APAQ will publish well informed viewpoints relevant to the field and excellent literature reviews integrating the body of knowledge in a relevant area. Potential contributors of empirical papers must carefully consider both the assumptions and theoretical foundations of their work, as well as its methodology. Indicate relevance of your work by referring to theories, paradigms, or conceptual frameworks and by briefly reviewing the existing knowledge base. All empirical papers must be based on research methods and designs appropriate to the question(s) addressed, conforming to whatever standards of excellence are expected with the approach(es) adopted. Bearing in mind this condition, qualitative and quantitative methods are thus equally welcome. APAQ also welcomes knowledge translation studies, or the presentation of new and promising intervention, in its application section.

Manuscript Submission

Submit manuscripts electronically to Manuscript Central: mc.manuscriptcentral.com/hk_apaq. Do not submit the manuscript to another journal at the same time. Authors are advised to check the typing of the final copy, particularly the accuracy of references, and to retain a duplicate copy to guard against loss. Authors of manuscripts accepted for publication must transfer copyright to Human Kinetics, Inc.

Preparing Manuscripts

Style. In preparing manuscripts for publication in APAQ, authors should adhere to the guidelines in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (PMAPA, 6th edition, 2010, 3rd printing or later). Copies of the PMAPA are available in most university libraries or obtained through the American Psychological Association (APA; www.apa.org/books).

Using the PMAPA as a guide, pay attention to all the facets related to manuscript preparation. Format papers with a 1-in. (2.5-cm) margin, 12-point font, and double spacing, including quotes. Papers should not exceed 30 pages including tables and figures. Check format against APA sample paper (pp. 41–59). Note that Method is singular, and the heading, Participants, is preferred over Subjects. Insert line numbers 1-27 in the left margin of each page, beginning with the abstract page. This facilitates providing line-by-line feedback. All manuscripts must include a single paragraph abstract of 100–150 words and three to five keywords chosen from terms not used in the title.

Language. Use person-first, nonsexist language in your writing, according to PMAPA standards (pp. 70–76). Pay particular attention to section 3.15. Refer to disabled citizens as individuals with disabilities. Avoid using characteristic and attribute. Instead, use demographic data, diagnostic criteria met, behaviors, or indicators. Do not assume commonalities; base language on individual assessment.

Ethics approval. For studies involving humans, the participants section must include a statement certifying that the study received institutional approval and that the participants’ informed consent was obtained.

Preparation of figures and tables. In figures, use black and white only, no shading or color. Resolution of digital images should be 300 dpi at full size for photos and 600 dpi for line art; color images cannot be accepted. Figures or photos should be in .jpeg or .tif files. Tables must be formatted using Microsoft Word’s table-building functions, and not by using tab keystrokes and line breaks.

Keeping Documents Anonymous

APAQ employs a double-blind process in the review of submitted manuscripts. The manuscript should contain no clues as to author identity, such as acknowledgments, institutional information, and mention of specific city. Thus information that might identify the authors should be blinded by substituting "XXXX" for it. (You can fill in the actual information after acceptance.) If you revise or resubmit a manuscript, please include a response to the reviewers and do not insert in your response information that may lead to your identification.

Word Processor

Manuscripts must be prepared using Microsoft Word.

Review Process

Most manuscripts are read by at least two external reviewers, one associate editor, and the editor. Typically, the review process takes 10–12 weeks. Manuscripts are evaluated through blind review. There are no page charges to contributors.