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Submission Guidelines for SMEJ

Editorial Ethics Policy

Sport Management Education Journal encourages the submission of manuscripts in a number of areas as they relate to diverse issues in the field of sport management education. Studies using quantitative and/or qualitative approaches are welcomed. The journal publishes research and scholarly review articles in the field of sport management education.

Manuscript Preparation

When preparing manuscripts for submission in the Sport Management Education Journal, authors should follow the guidelines in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition), 2009 (www.apa.org). Manuscripts must be submitted in English. All manuscripts must be preceded by an abstract of no more than 150 words. If footnotes are used, they should be as few as possible and should not exceed 6 lines each. Figures should be created in Excel or saved as TIFF or JPEG files. All tables, figure captions, and footnotes must be grouped together on pages separate from the body of the text. Reference citations in the text must be accurate concerning dates of publication and spelling of author names, and they must cross-check with those in the reference list. Manuscripts will be summarily rejected if they do not follow the APA guidelines.

Manuscripts submitted will be judged primarily on their substantive content, but writing style, structure, and length are very important considerations. Poor presentation is sufficient reason for the rejection of a manuscript. When first received, manuscripts will be evaluated by the editor in terms of their contribution-to-length ratio. Thus, manuscripts should be written as simply and concisely as possible. Papers should be no longer than 40 double-spaced pages (using one-inch margins and Times New Roman 12-point font), inclusive of references, tables, figures and appendixes. However, we recognize that in rare circumstances, papers intended to make very extensive contributions may require additional space. Prior to submitting a manuscript, authors should consider the contribution-to-length ratio and ask themselves: ’is the paper long enough to cover the subject while concise enough to maintain the reader’s interest?’ [This paragraph is based on the Information for Contributors of the Academy of Management Review.]

Authors should submit their manuscript through ManuscriptCentral, the online submission system for the Sport Management Education Journal at mc.manuscriptcentral.com/hk_smej. ManuscriptCentral manages the electronic transfer of manuscripts throughout the article review process while providing step-by-step instructions and a user-friendly design. Please access the site and follow the directions for authors submitting manuscripts. Any problems that may be encountered can be resolved easily by selecting “Get Help Now” in the upper-right corner of any ManuscriptCentral screen. Please note that a blind review process is used to evaluate manuscripts. As such, any clues to the author’s identity should be eliminated from the manuscript. The first page of the manuscript must not include author names or affiliations, but it should include the title of the paper and the date of submission.

Manuscripts must not be submitted to another journal while they are under review by the Sport Management Education Journal nor should they have been previously published. Manuscripts are read by reviewers, and the review process generally takes approximately 12 weeks. Manuscripts will be evaluated in terms of topical relevance, theoretical and methodological adequacy, and clarity of explanation and analysis. Authors should be prepared to provide the data and/or research instrument(s) on which the manuscript is based for examination if requested by the editor. Comments from reviewers concerning manuscripts along with the editorial decision are made available to authors. Authors of manuscripts accepted for publication must transfer copyright to Human Kinetics, Inc.

Copyright Assignment Form

Questions about the journal or manuscript submission should be directed to the Editor of the journal: Damon Andrew damonandrew@lsu.edu.

Pedagogical Innovations, A New Section of the Sport Management Education Journal:
In an effort to encourage growth in the exchange of pedagogical practices in sport management, a Pedagogical Innovations section of the journal has been established. This section is designed to solicit contributions that will aid SMEJ readers in an expressly practical manner. Therefore, these submissions should address the everyday needs of sport management educators and industry professionals in search of ideas that can be put to use immediately.

Contributions to the Innovations section are usually limited to 2,000 words (12 manuscript pages), allowing readers to digest a large amount of material in a usable form. However, for Educational Research Reviews (see below), the 2,000 words could be increased to 2,500 – 4,000 words. Additionally, articles should be written in a brief, easy-to-read, ready-to-use format, and, depending on the subject matter, should focus on specific activities, and may include lists of steps and necessary resources.

Submission categories for the Pedagogical Innovations section include:

Case Studies – Case studies should be developed in order to provide a more thorough understanding of a particular theory and/or its application to the industry. The narrative of the case should be preceded by an abstract of no more than 200 words and followed with a series of discussion questions. Additionally, it should include supporting materials to be used in the case, such as tables, charts, and exhibits. Finally, teaching notes should be included with advice for instructors about the target audience of the case, the learning objectives, the particular theories and frameworks used, and strategies for using the case in the classroom.

Educational Research Reviews – Papers submitted as educational reviews should be focused on one of three content areas: research reviews, theoretical reviews, or instructional technique reviews. Research reviews provide a thorough examination of the body of research on a single topic or a collection of similar or related topics. Research reviews also include a detailed take-home message for sport management instructors and sport professionals. This component of the research review brings together in an applied fashion the aggregate body of information compiled in the literature review. Thus, research reviews go above and beyond a review of the literature. Theoretical reviews critically describe the evolution of theories and the way they are understood in different contexts, with particular attention being paid to sport contexts. Instructional technique reviews are reports that refer to instructional techniques (both methods and methodologies) used in education. Preference will be given when the use of adequate controls can demonstrate the validity of the findings.

Essays, Dialogues, & Interviews – The journal seeks a wide variety of provocative manuscripts on current and future issues and trends in teaching, learning, and sport management education for this section of the journal. Essays are original commentaries or critiques. Note: Narrative accounts of author experiences with specific instructional technologies, techniques, courses, or program creation are not essays. Dialogues are responses to papers previously published in SMEJ. Interviews are discussions with academics, educators, and business or thought leaders that would be of interest to our readership.

Exemplary Contributions – Exemplary Contributions are invited from prominent scholars and practitioners. Note: Uninvited manuscripts are not accepted for this section.